Back to the Future…

Way back in the day, I learned to type on an old black typewriter. Anyone else remember them? The ones with keys you had to bang on so hard to get them to work? And woe betide if you gathered some speed because if you typed too fast the keys would stick together and you’d get ink on your fingers separating them. Happy days. No, really, they were.

Typing stencils for use on the Gestetner machine was something else. Working with this duplicating machine you had to make sure you didn’t type too hard on the stencil, especially any letter with a circle (o, b, d, p, q), because the circle could disappear beneath a blob of ink and didn’t look too great when printed out – achieved via turning the handle on the side of the machine until you felt your arm would drop off! Any mistakes were corrected with this red fluid that if you sniffed too robustly could get you pretty high!

Things progressed pretty rapidly and soon we had the super-duper electric typewriters. Those things took some getting used to. By the time I had an electric model my speed had progressed and the thing seemed to run away with me. Thankfully tippex was around then and I made good use of it 🙂

Technology moved on and I bought my first computer – an Amstrad 9512. I loved that machine and spent many happy hours on it. I went kicking and screaming into the modern computer age, and while it’s great having new technology which makes life easier (most of the time and when it works properly) I do hanker after those old manual typewriter days, especially the keyboards… Hearing the clackety-clack of productivity made my little heart sing.

When I saw they made old style keyboards I wondered if it was worth buying one and taking a trip down memory lane. Not really able to justify it, I put it on my wish list and kind of forgot about it. Then Amazon Prime Day happened and there it was at a nicely reduced price. Needless to say, it now adorns my desk 🙂 It took a while to get used to as it’s so much smaller/narrower than a modern standard keyboard and it was a few days before I got used to having to press down harder on the keys again. It was hit and miss if the required key was obtained, and there was much mumbling of “this will have to go back” but after persevering I now love it. The clackety-clack is modified, but it’s there. Happy days are here again 🙂

So I’m enjoying my trip down memory lane, although I have to admit that I’m not looking to go back to the days of tippex and carbon copies. No sirree.

5 responses to “Back to the Future…

  1. I love that you embraced going back to the dark ages. LOL! I never typed on one of those–always electric, but when I first started practicing law, we had to type bankruptcy petitions on 6 part carbons–since I wasn’t proficient, I remember whiting out all six copies many times (since the firm I was at didn’t do bankruptcy until I showed it was something we could make money doing -:LOL- and I was “allowed” to train a typist to do them. I’d never want to go back to those days but I do love the sound of a clackety-clack typerwriter. Enjoy!! Jillian

  2. I DO remember those typewriters, actually! Used to have them in the office in my primary school. Didn’t get the chance to use them though. These days, I find myself hankering for an actual typewriter to write in analogue mode. I satisfy myself with keyboards too (because writing tools are important), and I have to say that you got a good buy with that new keyboard of yours.

  3. What a wonderful walk down memory lane. I loved the old typewriters, but my speed was sorely lacking. Remember carbon paper? Messy stuff. After I’d been using computers for a couple years, I had to take a typewriter test (for a job) on an electric typewriter. Can you guess what I kept forgetting to do? Yep. Hit return for the next line. I kept running off the page. Thankfully, I got that job anyhow! Lol.Thank you for the memories.

  4. Wow that seems like forever ago. I never was good with the typewriters and didn’t come into my own until computers. The Apple keyboard is small and took a bit to get used to but now I love it.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane, and glad I don’t have to go back to it.

  5. Such happy memories of bashing away on a manual typewriter, black fingers from carbon paper and the smell of Tippex. Never used a Gestetner though. Those people who have only had a computer or electric keyboard have no idea how fortunate they are. I loved my 9512, still reckon it was one of the best ever!. Love that there are keyboards now such as you’ve purchased. Can see I might have to try one myself as I dislike these flat modern keyboards, not conducive to good typing or posture. Thanks for such a lovely walk down memory lane. 🙂

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