A Busy Spring

People here would say, “What Spring.” Seriously it has been a cool wet few months here in the Pacific Northwest. But this weekend will break the long spell with temps in the 80’s.  Great timing as the horse show is here at the fairgrounds. 

More about this spring. I woke upApril 4th, just a few days into spring with a strong feeling it was time to sell the house. Rick and Linda (son and daughter-in-law) had just retired and relocated to Az. Up to then it had been staying a month or so there at a time. To make the idea of move more serious, Kris (daughter)was visiting there and didn’t want to come back North. 


Called Rick, and he said if I was going to sell it this year, do it now as the economy was changing. Great advice. I made an appointment with a realtor for the 7th. Everything seemed to fall into place. I’d just had the windows washed on the 5th. A new fence had just been installed. The realtor was fantastic. It couldn’t have been better if I had choreographed it. But MOVING IS WORK!

With staging the house and a photo shoot it was listed the 14th. One week and sold the same day. WOW now the work starts. And it did in spades. I have a terrific family. I called my niece on a Friday and her and her husband flew in from Utah on Sunday.  I am still marveling at all they got done in the week they were with me. Not only packing but runs to the dump, and Value Village and fixing a few things like installing monitors. Kris and Linda flew in a few days after they left so lots of help. I was still pooped. 

We closed June 2nd and my life has made a 180. I am with Kris, in Elma until the end of June when we will head out for Arizona. Not sure what life will look like in the months ahead but it’s fun. Especially with Linda and Rick just getting the most adorable schnauzer puppy. “Harley” look for future blogs as I get to watch her grow and spoil her with none of the responsibility of dog ownership. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Summer wherever you might be. 

9 responses to “A Busy Spring

  1. What a whirlwind couple of months you’ve had. Sounds like the majority of the work is done and you can relax and enjoy. And yes, we want Harley blogs.

  2. It has sure been a couple of months that have gotten me moving.

  3. Congratulations . . . looking forward to additional posts about your move and your new chapters of life!

  4. Wow, what a great adventure lies in store for you, Lavada! Looking forward to hearing all about it, and to seeing photos of the new pup! Enjoy!

  5. I am so impressed you made that decision and boom, everything fell into place so quickly. AND thank goodness for family to help you. That’s true love for sure. Happy trails!! AND can’t wait to meet Harley. Jillian

  6. Thanks Jillian, it was fast and with the way things are going timely too.

  7. What a whirlwind adventure. Am sure you will not regret the decision and hope everything settled down into your new life with the family. Looking forward to meeting Harley. 🙂

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