Mother’s Day

Jillian here. Happy May. Sorry I missed April. For days before it was my day, I debated what to say and then when the day actually came, I still had nothing. Lol. I don’t have much today either. I’ve fallen into a terrible rut of work, home, work, home, work, ad infinitum. I gotta get out more. 🙂

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the US. Hope all who celebrated had a nice one. Mr. C and I ate brunch with my parents at Cracker Barrel. My sister was sick so she didn’t make it. Mom always picks where we go, so off we went. We set 9:00 as the time hoping to miss the breakfast crowd and get there before the lunch bunch. Didn’t work out to plan as it was a fifty minute wait for a table. Good thing it was breezy and 67 degrees F (19 C). Sitting on the porch on rockers was nice. Mom doesn’t eat much these days, but she ate a ton yesterday. I told her that was the most I’d seen her eat in years and she said she knew but she was starving. I guess making her wait 50 minutes plus cooking time is the way to get her to eat more. 🙂

I got to face time with my older son and his family. When I got on, their dog, Primm, was across the room. I called out, “Hey, Miss Primm,” and she came running toward the screen. She let me chat with her a few minutes but ambled off when I couldn’t pet her.

Had a good conversation with them and watched grandson play a matching numbers game on his tablet. He said he wanted to come to my house and that made me happy for sure. Being only two years old and 7 hours away, I worry that he won’t know me and so when he asks to visit, that means a lot.

My younger son works for me and gave me a bath and body store gift card. He said his real gift was to finish all the backlog of filing on top of the cabinets (it’s been driving me bonkers). Imma gonna remind him of that about Thursday. Hehehe. 🙂

Here’s Miss Primm and her fancy portrait.

8 responses to “Mother’s Day

  1. Yummy I love Cracker Barrel and we don’t have one here in Washington. There is one or two, heck lots, in Arizona. I like the food and love the country store.

    Sounds like a great Mothers Day.

    • The do have lots of cute stuff in the store.  They had Easter stuff half off yesterday and I was tempted to buy a big ole stuffed bunny, but I resisted.  He was adorable.  Hope you get to go a lot in Ariz.  Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. Happy, happy Mother’s day! (belatedly). I’m glad you had a nice breakfast and Miss Primm is absolutely adorable.

  3. Oh, Miss Primm is gorgeous! I often think how difficult it must have been pre-zoom and skype when families lived away from each other, but how lucky we are now to have the technology to see them often. So lovely you get to see your grandson, Jillian, and even lovelier that he says he wants to visit you!

    • Yes. Primm is a cutie. She’s so sweet.  And yes, Zoom is wonderful for keeping in touch- especially with little ones as they might forget us when we are out of sight. I’m so glad it was created.  

  4. Miss Primm is lovely and what a super painting of her. Zoom is such a blessing to keep in touch with family and friends, although with my family it’s via Whatsapp. I don’t think I’d ever get away from the screen if we zoomed each other. Love the restaurant name Cracker Barrel. Over here it’s a brand of cheese! 🙂

    • She’s sweet for sure. And yay for all the modern ways to communicate with family! We have that cheese too. That’s funny. It’s a country restaurant here as well and has a wonderful little store as well with lots of cute items.

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