Once bitten…

I love spring. It’s my favourite season. The bulbs and flowers are springing into abundant life, the light evenings are stretching out, the air has the hint of warmer days to come (a bit hit and miss at the moment here in the UK where it’s currently more like January!), and the promise of long summer months stretch before us.

As much as I love spring, it has its downside. Insects! Biting ones! Especially the sneaky little blighters encountered on walks that find their way through leggings, jeans, two pairs of socks, sturdy walking boots, and manage to bite me relentlessly despite any attempt to thwart them. Walks with Vivvy are glorious right now: primroses, daffodils, tulips, bluebells – the woods are abundant with life. And I have the bites to prove that. I’ve tried every repellent I can think of: creams, lotions, vitamin tablets, but nothing seems to deter the little devils. They love me!

The itching drives me crazy, and the only thing that seems to help is the old and trusted calamine lotion. I think I keep the makers in business single-handedly this time of year πŸ™‚ The problem with that is Vivvy loves the taste and keeps trying to lick my pink-covered legs!

Me and calamine lotion go back a long way. Born and raised by the sea, I spent long sun-filled days on the beach as a teenager in the company of my older cousin. She used to mix up this concoction of olive oil and vinegar and we’d lavish it on our skins in the hope of developing a lovely suntan. I vividly remember one time when we vastly overdid it and ended up at my grandmother’s house slathered in calamine lotion and our grandfather’s old workshirts which was all we could tolerate against our sunburnt skin. Happy days!

10 responses to “Once bitten…

  1. I have never used calamine lotion for a sunburn. I’ve always used aloe. But yes, calamine is my best friend when it comes to bites. And mosquitoes LOVE me, darn it. There have been summers when I feel like I’ve got stock in the calamine lotion company. Lol.

  2. Made me think of holidays in Scotland and being bitten by midges. They love me!

  3. We were on a trip to Belize and something, I never saw them, really did a number on me. Mostly my legs. I spent a miserable night itching and finally got up and smeared toothpaste on my legs. It works. The next morning I found some jungle salve, not as messy as the toothpaste.

    I’ve never used calamine lotion though did have a bottle for the kid’s sunburn.

    By the way what’s with the weather. Ours is like yours is. Can’t believe we at May’s door.

  4. Oh, yes, I remember the crazy stupid πŸ™‚ days of slathering unhealthy stuff on my body for the perfect tan. We did baby oil and iodine. Fried skin anyone?? But we looked good, right? LOL! My mom used a Witch hazel and aloe cream concoction on us when we did the sunburn thing. Jillian

  5. Ha, we really did think we were the bee’s knees, eh, Jillian? Baby oil and iodine, never tried that πŸ˜‰

  6. Calamine lotion – a smell never to be forgotten! As to insect bites, toothpaste works but years ago I bought a little gadget that you zap on the bites, gives a tiny electric shock somehow as no batteries included but it certainly works to stop the itching Dave swears by it. Other than that we use Germolene Creme (not the ointment), works a treat. I also use the Avon Skin so Soft but I dislike the smell. To me it smells of furniture polish. Perhaps that’s what keeps the pesky insects away. πŸ™‚

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