Spring Has Sprung

It is the middle of March, and spring has definitely arrived in the UK. That was my feeling yesterday when the day dawned bright and clear and sunny, if a little cold but once the sun had risen high enough and chased away the thin covering of frost, we turned off the central heating, changed into t-shirts and jeans, and disappeared into the garden. There is much to do here, Dave busy in his veg plot tilling and raking and planting out potatoes and leeks, me in the back garden picking up bucket-loads of brown and wizened oak leaves. Considering we do not have any trees in the garden, let alone oaks, these were the result of gale-force winds last autumn which blew in masses of leaves from a stand of trees several streets away. All good for the compost though, and I had purposely left them to help protect the garden from winter.

The next task was erecting a new obelisk I had recently purchased to house a rampant, beautifully-perfumed honeysuckle rather than let it scramble through the flowerbed as it has in other years. The morning turned decidedly warm, so once this job was complete, we enjoyed sitting around the patio table enjoying our mid-morning coffee. Such bliss after being trapped indoors for so long. It gave me time to look around the flowerbeds, appreciate the spring displays, and plan my attack for the next few weeks.

Everything is growing and shooting well and over the past few months we have been treated to a fabulous display of crocus and snowdrops on the front lawn, as have all the neighbours and local children on their way to and from the school at the bottom of our road. Now the delights there are hyacinths in full bloom along the forsythia hedge, also coming into flower, and the tulips in full bud waiting their turn. The perfume from the hyacinths is intoxicating as you walk around. We love them. Grown indoors each Christmas to so scent the house, they are then planted outside where they thrive.

What I am most thrilled with this year is the clumps of miniature daffodils scattered around the back garden. I buy several pots of them from the supermarket each year, let them flower indoors and then plant them outside. The past few years the show has not been good as they have succumbed to being eaten by tiny slugs. This year we were prepared and the critters didn’t stand a chance, the displays of them scattered around are so bright and cheerful it was worth the effort.

The wall baskets and a few pots are looking good too. I love this time of year, as it heralds the end of winter with so much to look forward to and enjoy.

I said at the beginning that spring had finally arrived here. Today it is returned to winter in some respects. The day dawned grey and shrouded in heavy mist which has now turned into incessant rain. Good for the garden but not for those outside in it, so we are staying indoors, the heating is on and I am back in a thick sweater. Tomorrow is promised to be warmer and drier, with a good week forecast. Hooray!

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10 responses to “Spring Has Sprung

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  2. OH, my gosh, you give me such hope. I love winter, but right now, I’m quite all right with it being over. We are starting to see pops of color here and there, but nothing compared to your well-tended garden. Enjoy!

    • Spring is everywhere here at the moment, and lovely and warm but very cold mornings. Sadly sounds like Easter will be a chill-out too with cold returning. Nice while it lasted. I hate winter, did I tell you? 🙂

  3. Ahhh spring. I love watching things come alive. Loved the word picture you painted with this mornings post.

  4. So much colour in your garden. Our cherry tree is in bud so waiting for a huge explosion of pink! Take care xx

    • Hi Jo. Your cherry tree must be stunning at the moment. Sadly we have no room for trees in our garden, and our neighbours cut their’s right down last autumn so we cannot even enjoy that one. At least winter is on it’s way out. at last. xx

  5. Wow! Beautiful photos. You have such a gift with flowers. I love, love, love the yellow daffodils. Gorgeous. Happy spring- hope it stays warm! Jillian

    • The daffodils are glorious this year, and we have bought some more to enjoy in the house which will be planted outside for next spring. Think they are my favourite spring flowers. Lots of warmth this week, though cold mornings and cold set to return. Just in time for Easter. Boohoo! 🙂

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