Dogs of the Week

Did that get your attention. Tommy and Trina were chosen dogs of the week at the local doggy day camp I take them too. I was so thrilled to see that. You’ll see below the picture of the sign, and the picture I tried to get of them with their treat bag (they didn’t want to sit still.)

I’m hoping spring comes soon, it’s still cold here in the morning. Some mornings below freezing, sometimes just hovering above. I’m ready for some different weather.

I’ve been trying to stay away from too much news about Ukraine. They are strong people and I believe they will prevail, but it’s the human cost that is the most scary, especially for the kids.

Don’t forget to Spring forward tonight, if you do that. For us in the US it’s tonight, we have to set our clocks 1 hour ahead. It’s a good thing it happens on Saturday night, because people forget and get up thinking it’s early and it’s an hour later.

I’ve been writing. I messed up my own deadline, so now I’m scrambling, but I’ll make it. It might mean some long days, but it will get done. The pups are happy about that. They are my time clocks. Once it’s time for their dinner at five, that means mommy doesn’t go back into the office, especially if it’s dark or getting dark. We’ll see once the time change takes place.

Here’s the sign from day camp:

And here’s the picture of them with the treats:
As you can see Tommy was trying to jump down. His tongue hanging out in anticipation of those treats.

Happy March and St. Patrick’s Day.

6 responses to “Dogs of the Week

  1. Congratulations to those adorable pups. They deserve dogs of the week every week. 🙂 And good luck with that deadline.

  2. They know what treats are. Funny puppies. I’m with you on being ready for spring. Especially since getting home from Arizona I can’t seem to get warm.

    • Lavada, I bet. My niece lives in Arizona and is loving it. And yes, they know what treats are. I go into the pantry to get something and they automatically think they’re getting a treat.

  3. Congrats to the puppers! Dogs of the week is an awesome title to get! They are so cute. And yes, the Ukraine info coming out is heartbreaking. So much loss. Sad. Hope you’re having a nice spring. Jillian

  4. Love those two little doggies. How brilliant to be dogs of the week, there’ll be now stopping them now. With you re spring although we have had the most amazing weather here this week, very warm and sunny enough to enjoy 8:00 am coffee in the garden and get plenty of gardening done although sounds like chilly weather returning for Easter. Typical! Good luck with the writing, you’ll get there. 🙂

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