A Little Adventure For Me

Jillian here. Happy March. I went on a little adventure last weekend to a conference in Orlando and got to spend some time with my son and his family. It was fun, but exhausting as the drive is always a pain- about 7 hours each way. AND when I stay at my son’s, since they took down the mattress in their guest room, they put up a blow up bed. And it tends to lose air in the night, so I have to keep turning on the motor to re-blow it up to the full air setting or it’s like trying to crawl out of a bowl of soup when I have to take my mid-night trips to the bathroom. LOL – so, good rest is hard to get. AND one time on the first night, in the dark, I turned the motor switch the wrong way and ended up flat on the cold, wood floor. That was insane, but at least I could get it back full of air in short order. 🙂 And then my hip hurt. Woe was me. 🙂

While my daughter-in-law was out with her mother’s group on Thursday night, my son, grandson and I went for ice cream to a place called Jeremiah’s. Their logo is a frog from the “Jeremiah was a bull frog” song- my son, the architect, is the designer for a number of them as they move from a regional company to expanding with franchises in a number of states, so I wanted to check them out as we don’t have them here.

The first morning I was there, when my grandson woke, the first thing he said was, “Where’s Nonna?” His mom told him I was in the kitchen. He said, “I want to see Nonna.” She said, “Let’s change your diaper first.” He said, “No. See Nonna first.” That made my heart sing. He’s a sweetie AND he likes me! 🙂

The hotel where I stayed one night during the conference has inside balconies and you can actually go out on them. There’s a rail but no safety measures. I was on the 7th floor. The lawyer in me was screaming inside at the risk factor there. LOL

While at the conference, I attended a dinner for the former state officers of the organization and the theme was Mardi Gras. We all got beads and masks so I took them home for my grandson. He had a blast with them- putting them on his mom, dad and me.

It was a great visit–too short– and I’m dragging my tailfeathers this week at work, but I wouldn’t trade sleep for time with these people I love.

Praying for the people in the Ukraine who are being bombed and losing loved ones while they live in terror. I can’t even imagine their fear and anxiety and grief.

8 responses to “A Little Adventure For Me

  1. That’s great that you got to go to a confere– Ahhhh, a kiddo! And he’s adorable! I’m really glad you got to spend some time with your son and grandson. Oh, wait, did you mention a frog? Nope. Grandson still tops the list of why I love this post.

    • Lol. Yep. The real reason I went to the conference (and skipped a lot of the boring stuff) was the frog….no, wait… was the grandson and son. 🙂 He is cute. And so much fun.


  2. Wow, this little one is growing fast. There is nothing like a grandchild. I think we have kids so we can have them. The Frog place sound like fun. You’ll catch up on sleep fast. Empty nesters have an advantage.

    YES, keeping Ukraine in my prayers too.

    • he is growing up  super fast for sure.  And I am looking forward to the weekend so I can get that sleep caught up…just in time for the time change that always kicks my rear.   LOL!  

  3. I’m glad you had a good time even with a blow up bed. Your grandson is so cute. Keeping Ukraine and others in my prayers too.

    • Thanks Marie. He’s such a sweet boy- like his daddy. And yes, the blow up bed is a small price to pay. Every day is another piece of terrible news from Ukraine. Heartbreaking.

  4. So, but I had to laugh about the blow-up bed. Apart from which sounds an amazing time and your grandson is a real sweety. They grow up far too fast. As for Ukraine, think the whole world except Russia is breaking its heart.

    • Yeah. I eventually laughed about the bed. LOL! and it was a super good time- family and friends make me happy for sure. And I am sadder by the day for Ukraine. It’s just awful.

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