The Promise of Spring

After a winter of rain, rain, and yet more rain here in the UK, this weekend we have had an inkling that spring just might be around the corner! Yay! My favourite time of year.

This morning I actually did my yoga/meditation on the lawn, okay, I wore plenty of layers, but still. It was soooo great. I’ve had to modify my yoga practice a lot lately, thanks to bouts of dizziness that are still plaguing me, but it was amazing to have the sun on my face during practice, and of course I had my stalwart little helper doing her own version of downward facing dog (sadly one pose that is off limits for me at the moment – and it just so happens to be my favourite – *sigh*).

Yesterday, we took a walk in the woods with the sun poking its very welcome head through the trees and warming the still very muddy ground. Thanks to the rain the stream was high again (which a certain water-mad little girl thoroughly enjoyed), and there were carpets of snowdrops everywhere. We saw a few squirrels, badgers, and rabbits, all no doubt venturing out to enjoy the unexpected but extremely welcome sunshine.

This glimpse of sunshine goodness made me realise that there is still lots to be grateful for and to look forward to, despite that the world is currently in a state of such desperate turmoil. It reminded me of the importance of grabbing hold of the things we are grateful for and celebrating them when we can, keeping our focus on the good things and sending our positive energy out into the world with the hope of better times for all.

Namaste …

4 responses to “The Promise of Spring

  1. What a hopeful post, Faye. Thank you. I love your walks through the woods and always LOVE seeing Miss Vivvy. You have your own little pocket of paradise there. And, while I am praying hard for the turmoil to stop, I, like you, breath for these moments of tranquility.

  2. I felt like I was there with you and Vivvy. You paint a beautiful word picture and the photo’s help bring it to life. It is cool here in Az. like in the mid to high 70’s. My kind of spring like weather.

  3. Lovely pictures- glad the rain has stopped somewhat for you all and that spring is around the corner. I know you’re looking forward to warm and sunny days! Miss Vivvy probably is, too! Treasuring every day is important for sure. Jillian

  4. Great post, Tricia, and love the photos, especially the snowdrops, and of course seeing Miss Vivvy. We have been lucky to have a warm week so far, haven’t we? A great promise of things to come. I’ve had enough of winter! 🙂

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