My County’s American History Fair 2022

Jillian here. Happy February!

I was lucky enough to be part of the judging for the American History Fair in my county this year again. There were fewer entries which made me sad, but the students work really hard and it definitely shows. Some are in middle school and some in high school. This year’s theme was diplomacy and debate. I’m sharing a sampling of the displays I liked the most.

I wasn’t really sure what the La Belle Epoque one had to do with diplomacy or debate, but it was very visually appealing. I can’t recall what the paper the students had to provide with their display said, but I liked the board. LOL

Hoping everyone has a great month and stays warm– it’s even cold here where I am- 30s Fahrenheit in the nights and into daytime. Brr!

8 responses to “My County’s American History Fair 2022

  1. Wow, these are phenomenal. I was never much of a history buff, but I recognize the effort (and hopefully the interest) that went into these. That’s a lot of work! And some are in middle school? Gives me hope for our future. 🙂

    • They def did a lot of work. They had to have a paper and annotated bibliography as well.  Lots of research.  The two that were middle school were The Laws and Sausages one (a quote by Prince Otto Bismarck they used as their title) and the Missouri Compromise one. I was very impressed.  The others were high school. 

  2. Wow, when I was in school I didn’t really have an interest in history. That changed with age. What a great opportunity you have to judge. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, fantastic. And how great to be a judge. I love history. Thanks for sharing. One of the TV progs we get here in UK is called Arial America – fascinating to watch and so much learned about American history.

    • Thanks Kit. I love history too!  Speaking of those aerial shows, we have Aerial Britain, Aerial America, Aerial Cities.  There may be more but those are the ones I’ve caught episodes  of.  Such cool shows.  I’m glad to know you get the America ones.  Sharing our beauty from the air (your country’s and mine) is very awesome. 

  4. These boards are amazing, Jillian! What a huge amount of work went into each one. They are stunning. History is not only interesting to study but vital, IMO. If only we would learn from it 😦
    And I wanted a closer look at the Anti Suffragists one!
    What fun that you got to be a judge.

    • I agree about history. We def. need to make sure everyone learns it to keep from making the same mistakes again — And the anti suffragist one was def interesting. I didn’t know Frederick Douglass was so in favor of the vote for women and the students focused a bit on how he was on the case of the anti-suffragists. I guess as a freed slave, I should have known he would be in favor of votes for all, but I confess, I never thought of that. Always learning.

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