Precious Times

Most of you may know my family does a winter getaway each year. We call it a winter cabin that we rent, but with our numbers topping 20, it’s really way beyond a cabin. We didn’t do it at all last year because of COVID. This year, also because of COVID, only 8-12 made it.

I’m really proud of how well we did. We were all vaccinated. We all tested before going to the cabin. And now that we’re past the isolation mark, no one has gotten sick with COVID from the cabin. It took a lot of work to make that happen and the kids worried, especially, about hubby and I. But we did it and I’m really glad we did.

There was a LOT of snow.

We saw deer and wild turkeys.

We painted (a lot). Here’s my attempts at art and my granddaughter’s ocean picture.

And we talked, chatted, ate too much, and yes, may have inbibed a bit. This annual catching up weekend is precious to each and every one of us and I’ll be praying that next year, COVID doesn’t put a wrench in our cabin machinery.

I hope you’re having a wonderful, cozy winter that fills you with happy memories.

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11 responses to “Precious Times

  1. More thankful this year than ever that we are able to gather and spend time together at the cabin.

  2. I love hearing of this wonderful annual tradition. So many many memories.

  3. I always enjoy these posts and seeing the photos of your family gathering. I’m glad you got to do it this year and everyone is safe and healthy! YAY!! That IS a lot of snow. And I love the critters coming by to visit, too. Jillian

  4. Sounds idyllic and so good to spend time with family. Precious memories.

  5. Such a precious time, Laurie. Great photos. Yes, that was a lot of snow! Your granddaughter’s ocean picture is lovely, and I love the Reach for the Stars plaque.

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