Jamaica 2022

This is our 4th time visiting Jamaica and the 2nd time staying in the 3-bedroom villa. It really is beautiful but what draws us to this Island is the people.  They make us feel welcome and a part of their home. And, they are the happiest of people, with beautiful smiles and ready laughter. 

This year getting to Jamaica was a challenge we didn’t see coming. We booked the trip for the six of us in the summer when Covid was looking better and as everyone knows, it for sure didn’t look better these past few months.  Jamaica has some rigid requirements and airlines require that in order to fly you need to have a negative test not more that 72 hours before the flight. Getting the test wasn’t a problem, it was getting the results back in the required time frame. We took the test at Kaiser, our insurance provider, on the 4th of January for a flight out on the 6th. Then, after being told it would be from 3 to 5 days before we would have the test results, we found another place that had the rapid approved tests which gave us results in less than an hour after taking the test. These we paid $69.00 dollars for. Makes one wonder how this place could get the tests and Kaiser Permanente couldn’t. A good thing we did err on the side of caution as it wasn’t until the evening of the 9th that we got the results from Kaiser. 

A good part of the trip is that we felt safe. The airports were vigilant. I have never used so much hand sanitizer. Even drinking or eating during the flight was watched so that in between bites masks had to be used. In Jamaica we saw three cruise ships dock, but passengers weren’t allowed to go into town. Instead, they could get on pre-booked tours at the end of the dock. In these times, a beautiful resort to lay around in and enjoy family and down time, is the way to go. Thankfully we’ve seen a lot Jamaica and didn’t feel a bit deprived of not doing the island tourist thing. 

Hopefully all this will end or at least become manageable. It’s horrible on the economy everywhere.  

Now I’m ready for spring. 

7 responses to “Jamaica 2022

  1. I’m glad you had such a nice time. Airports aren’t fun at the best of times, but it’s less and less easy to travel these days. I haven’t had to get a pre-trip test, but I know my Kaiser is overwhelmed and only testing if symptoms or a scheduled procedure. Everything’s affected by COVID, eh? I’m soooo glad you got away.

  2. Once there it was a really great respite. Weather was perfect.

  3. So pleased you managed to get your test results and enjoy a lovely holiday in Jamaica. That must have been a really stressful pre-holiday period.
    It does sound like the airlines and resort are being tough, but then I suppose we have to negotiate this thing right now. Roll on the days when all this is largely over.

  4. At least with all the restrictions we are safer. And, the time at the resort was worth the effort of traveling.

  5. Looks like a lovely place you stayed and it’s good to hear everyone is being so careful on airlines and places. Glad you got the quick test results back. Jillian

  6. So pleased you enjoyed your trip and obviously worth the hassle. I don’t think I would have coped well with all those in-flight rules.

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