Surfing George

Today’s post is a little different as I want to bring you an update on my great-nephew George’s progress, as many have asked how he is doing. Whilst he grows into a strong, always cheerful teenager who adores his younger sister, his favourite thing in life, apart from eating fish and chips, is surfing. You might wonder how this is possible with his physical disability but I hope the following video will tell all how marvellous and generous in both time and money people at the Wave Project are in order to help lots of people in a similar position to George, children and adults, enjoy a more fulfilling life.

The video forms part of an informative advertisement by the Wave Project in the UK where George and his family live and feature in this film. George is featured right at the start and in several places throughout, and my nephew’s wife, Nicky, at 5.22 and 13.22. mins in sharing how the team at the Wave Project helped her and George achieve this.

I hope the video link works and that you enjoy watching it in its entirety.

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11 responses to “Surfing George

  1. Wonderful to see George enjoying himself. I think we take so much for granted in our able bodied world, and to see the joy on these children’s faces is amazing. Thank you for sharing Kit xx

  2. George has never lost the joy he feels and shares. Seeing this video makes me realize all the wonderful good people in the world. And the smiles. Thank you so much for sharing Kit. πŸ™‚

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  4. I am grinning from ear to ear watching this video. Wow, this is so great! What an uplifting video. And I’m so glad George is doing well.

    • Pleased you enjoyed. George enjoys everything he does. At Christmas one of his gifts is a ticket to ride in a super sports car around one of our racing circuits with a professional driver; he and his dad are so looking forward to it.:)

  5. Wonderful!! The ocean is a wonderful place and I’m so excited these children are getting the chance to enjoy it and the surf. There’s nothing quite like it. Way to go. George. You can see the absolute joy on his face. So wonderful! Jillian

  6. Wow, I can’t believe that’s ‘little’ George. What a handsome guy he is. It’s so uplifting to see him enjoying himself. Had to laugh at his favourite things in life – fish and chips – ha! A lad after my own heart πŸ™‚ Thanks for a truly uplifting video. Very welcome right now amidst all the doom and gloom.

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