Welcome to 2022

I will say that 2022 looking a lot like 2021, but I’m going with the flow.

The last part of December was a crazy month. My furnace decided to act up and that’s when our weather decided to go crazy. I got a technician out two days after it went out and he found the problem, there was more than one. The good news was he got it fixed so it worked, the bad news was it needed to be replaced. Fixing it would have cost as much as a new one.

I was shocked. The furnace wasn’t even 10 years old. So I had to schedule with the analyst who came out and we talked. Apparently the furnace the builder put in my house wasn’t made for my house, which caused it to have issues. And since I was planning to add whole house air conditioning this year, so I had that done with the new furnace.

Of course the two days before the installment it decided to snow and snow heavily. I was worried about the installers being able to make it. They did make it, I was one of the two for that day. I felt so sorry for the techs because it was twenty-two degrees outside, but they did a fantastic job.

I now have a more efficient furnace, plus during summer I’ll have air conditioning. I also have a new fancy thermostat, that makes me think electronics are getting way too sophisticated. With the new furnace I also got a service plan included, so they’ll come out twice a year and check the air conditioner and furnace to make sure they’re working properly.

Tommy and Trina rolled with it. They didn’t act they were cold, but I could tell they were staying closer to me and they would also climb on my heated throw. They were really good with the installers, they only barked once in a while.

Outside of that, they continue to be their crazy selves. Here’s a picture of them napping outside my office on their pad.

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and is enjoying the month.


11 responses to “Welcome to 2022

  1. What a horrible time of year to have furnace trouble! I’m glad you’re fixed and warm. Hello, cute puppies!!!!

  2. wow! I am always amazed to hear stories like this- the builder used the wrong kind of furnace? How weird and how sloppy of them. Glad you got it sorted out, but sorry it was in the middle of super cold, wet, snowy, weather.

    • Hi Jillian, yeah. From what I understand they just ordered in bulk the same furnace for all the houses regardless. Also came to find out yesterday, that my fireplace has a battery backup so when the power goes out I can pop a set of batteries in and still have heat. The things they don’t tell you and why would I think to ask that.

      • Wow. I love that about the batteries for the fireplace. And yep, they should have told you about that for sure. And one size fits all furnace is a bit lazy on the contractor’s part. Seems unethical to me.

  3. I did follow your furnace being out through Laurie and was thinking of you a lot. No fun. You’ll love the a/c this summer. I don’t want to be without one again. Love the little guys. Every time you post pictures I think of how their little lives have changed. It’s a little puppy heaven at your house.

  4. Always happens at the wrong time of year! Pleased you are all sorted now and can enjoy cool times ahead in summer too. Naughty of the contractors though to install the wrong type of furnace. The pups certainly look content regardless.

  5. Typical. Things like this always happen at the worst time. Pleased everything is okay now. Tommy and Trina had the right idea claiming the heated throw! Too funny.

    • Yes, they do. They did, and when I claimed it back, they’d snuggled right up next to me. Poor babies and they have fur. But the cold house didn’t stop them from wanting to romp in the snow.

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