I’m done with COVID. I’m just done.

How many times have we said that over the last two years, yet now, it feels like these variants are coming closer and closer rather than diminishing into the hell from which they were born.

How’s that for an uplifting start to a blog? Not very good, is it? Did you feel your shoulders tensing up? Did you shout out: “yeah, go back to where you came from, COVID.” Or maybe you shed a tear from someone sickened (or worse) from this pandemic? I know both, by the way, which is why I can’t take this lightly.

Before COVID-19, I thought I had stressors in my life. Not even close, compared to this. Which made me think that this is a good time to talk about stress relief.

What do you do in order to relieve the stress and function on a day-to-day basis? Hubby and I don’t eat out, but we do get takeout. We don’t do movie theaters, but we do spend more time on movie apps like Netflix. And when we need a getaway, we’ve been renting homes in different places. Okay, so maybe not so different, since I call the ocean beach my happy place.

I’m not a therapist and I don’t profess to be. But after years of dealing with stress, I know a few of the things that have helped me, though I don’t do them enough.

  • Yoga (If I didn’t put this first and foremost, Faye Avalon would be having a chat with me. 🙂 )
  • Taking the time to prepare healthy foods. (Sometimes, just the process of cooking, of focusing on the kitchen and nothing else, can help with stress. Just make sure no one’s in the kitchen with you to disturb your zen moment.)
  • Meditation. (I don’t do this enough.)
  • Music. (Makes me smile just writing that word.)
  • Imagery (like taking yourself for a mental walk through a park or along the beach.)
  • Practice relaxing your muscles. (not at all easy for me to do.)
  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Hobbies (painting, scrap-booking, whatever makes you smile.)
  • Exercise. Take a walk or pick up that page of physical therapy exercises you know you have laying around somewhere from long ago. Not that I have a list like that. 😉 )
  • Garden (hubby’s preferred method for de-stressing.)
  • Positive affirmations. (Today, good things will happen.)
  • Be grateful. Take some time to think about what’s good in your life.
  • Got a to-do list? Take another look at it. Pare it down to a level that doesn’t stress you out.

Hmmm. I know there’s more, but I can’t think of them. Do you have things that help you reduce your stress? I’d love to hear about them.

Here I am out walking. 🙂

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8 responses to “Stresssssssss

  1. Wow, great blog. Seeing it put out there gets it into perspective. I don’t stress a lot and there is such a thing as good stress. It’s when I don’t have any control over something that I bad stress. A stress reducer for me is a good book. I have certain authors that I count on to deliver a can’t put down book. Being able to go online and instantly purchase an e-book is priceless for me. Buying a book is also a lot cheaper than going on an on-line shopping spree which I’ve done more of with this covid stuff.

    • I’m an author and I can’t believe I forgot to put reading on my stress-relief list. Lol. And as someone who’s been online shopping more lately, you’re right that it’s a LOT cheaper.

  2. Lots of great suggestions there. I read to relax but some books are sneaking in Covid stuff and I do not like that at all. I am also stressed hearing about it and I don’t want in sliding into my pleasure reading. I need to do more of the things on your list– like walking–and I always have good intentions, but…. you know how that goes…. Jillian

    • If I remember right, you have a day job, a family, and you write novels. I’m surprised you find time to do anything recreationally. Lol. And I’ve just picked out a nice book for my weekend reading. 🙂

  3. Great post, Laurie, and I’m so pleased to see yoga at the top of your list 🙂 🙂 Yes, reading is a great destressor for me but, like Jillian, I hate seeing Covid slipping into the mix. It’s the same with some of our favourite TV shows. We need an escape and I refuse to read or watch for pleasure anything that doesn’t give me my shot of fantasy and escape from the real world.

  4. Brilliant blog, Laurie. Some excellent suggestions. Writing, art and walking are my great destressors. Oh, and reading. But am saddened to see the dreaded pandemic creeping its way into recent films and modern novels. Don’t want it, won’t read/watch it. We’ve had enough and now all we want is freedom, escapism and normality back. We’re getting there but is a slow process. Now, where did I put my paintbrush… ?

  5. Yes, time to paint, read, write. All things that help. 🙂

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