Holiday Food

Ham or turkey? Which one do you like better? This question seems to come up for me every US Thanksgiving. I’ve always been a turkey person and not big on ham. This year, instead of cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner here, we went to our son’s where he cooked a smoked ham from the local meat shop. Boy, that just about changed my mind and moved ham to the top of the list.

The very next night, we went to friends’ house where she cooked a spiral ham with a drool-worthy glaze on it. Wow. Ham got nudged just a little bit further up on that list. But the day after that, I finally got my turkey. Sorry, ham, you got beat out again. 🙂 And, in the aftermath, I’ve had too many of my favorite treat: turkey and mayonnaise on a homemade roll. (wiping the drool from my face.)

Now, with that holiday in the past, it’s time to turn our heads toward the remaining holidays. In fact, Hanukkah ends today.  Then there’s Christmas, and Kwanzaa, and Boxing Day, and more than I can go over in a blog. Here’s a link if you want some of the history behind these celebrations.

More holidays means more food. More baking, more carbs, more of everything. It’s the time of year when I have to be the most careful about my weight and I’ve failed already. So I’m on a mission to find lower fat ways to enjoy December. I love the Taste of Home website and have gotten a few recipes off it. Here’s their healthy Christmas collection link. I hope you find something useful in the article.

Have a wonderful, peace-filled season, and a safe and happy entry into 2022.

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8 responses to “Holiday Food

  1. I a with you on the turkey v. ham battle. Ham is good, but turkey wins every time. And I am with you on having to be careful this time of year. My sweet tooth and love for bread come roaring to life and I have to rein them in. Jillian

  2. Ooooh, bread. Rolls, sweet rolls, yeasty magnificence. I LOVE bread. Lol.

  3. Until last year when my Granddaughter cooked a ham for Thanksgiving we have always had turkey. This year we had both. For Christmas we have prime rib though not sure about this year.

    I do feel blessed to have a choice and plenty of food. Enjoy every bite, the weight can be taken care of next year.

  4. We are not great turkey fans and I forget the last time I cooked one for Christmas, probably about 5 years ago and as has only been 3 of us to feed over the holiday, a turkey is too big for us. We prefer beef or lamb. As to ham, we often have one cooked for a Sunday lunch and then cold for cuts and sandwiches and in England often usual fayre for Boxing Day. This year Christmas will just be the two of us over Christmas and still undecided what we will be having. Thanks for including the links. There are some lovely recipes included there. 🙂

  5. AJ is a huge Christmas turkey fan, although this year he opted for sirloin steak! It was just the two of us and since I’m a pescatarian it seemed wasteful for him to have turkey. We also love the cold cuts on our Boxing Day. I’ll have a nutroast both days

    • Well, I had to look up two words before I could respond to your comment, Faye. First, pescatarian. I get it, and if I didn’t have a meat and potatoes guy for a husband, I’d probably lean that way. The second was the nut roll. I’ve never heard of that and have questions. First, I couldn’t quite tell if it was savory or sweet? Second, did you make it? It looks rather complicated. Hmmm, you might just have to blog about this. Lol.

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