October 2021

We spent the month of October in Arizona and are still wondering why we came back though now that it’s less than a week from Thanksgiving the holidays are the reason to again brave the cold wet weather when there is a five bedroom/three and a half bath/ a swimming pool available. 🙂

October is my birthday month and my cousin painted me this amazing picture. It is now hanging over the bed in my Arizona bedroom and I love it more every time I look at it.  I love the cactus when they bloom and would love to see the desert when they are in their full glory.  This picture doesn’t do the painting justice. Barb is an amazingly talented artist.  And I feel very blessed to be the recipient of this beautiful painting. Kris and Linda were as excited as I was.  It took all three of us to hang it just right.

We also took a mini overnight trip to Jerome. It’s an old mining town with quite a reputation of having its share of brothels in its day. Many of which have been converted like this one.

We ate lunch and browsed the shops including a must stop at a fudge place before heading up to the Grand Hotel.  

I thought about how to describe the hotel. First it wasn’t grand in any sense of the word. The main and ‘grand’ front or I guess it’s the side entrance might be better but it is a separate business. The Asylum Restaurant wasn’t open the days we were there. Had we known this we could have booked later in the week. It had been our plan to check in and then have Happy Hour before dinner. That didn’t work out, but we didn’t let that deter us as we checked out this very interesting hotel. Here’s the website for more information. 

The hotel had once been a hospital so again nothing grand. But it was an experience. One I’m glad we did. The phone in the room was the working phone. One I hadn’t seen actually working before. 


The hotel is also reported to be haunted. After we settled in and Kris, Linda, and Jessica were watching a scary movie, Jessica jumped and said there was something looking in the window. Yeah, right, we were on the top floor with no balcony.  Kris said no, she had seen it too. No ghost it turned out and the little critter stuck around and entertained us for quite a while.

We left the next morning and headed for Sedona.  We all agreed it was a trip we were glad we took. And we made a wonderful set of memories. 

8 responses to “October 2021

  1. Wow, that painting is gorgeous! Your cousin is quite talented and I’m loving all the art showing up on this blog. 🙂 It sounds like you had a lovely time in Arizona. I can’t quite figure out what kind of critter that is. And how it could be at your top floor, no bacony window! Lol.

  2. Thank you, I love it too. I wish I had even a touch of her talent. You should see her house.

    We tried to look the little critter up. The next morning we asked and they told us but I can’t remember. Seems they can skitter over the roof. It’s really high and it certainly startled us when it appeared in the window. There was only the one.

  3. What a gorgeous painting! Barb is very talented.
    The hotels sound great… so much nicer to stay in atmospheric places than some of the more bland but functional ones.
    And that was hilarious about the little critter at the window. The photo made me laugh so hard. Like Laurie, I had to wonder how he made it up that high with no balcony! 🙂

  4. I guess they can get up to the roof. The back of the place is closer to trees so probably from there. He was cute.

  5. So fun! Love the little creature peeking in the window. LOL! And wow, what a beautiful painting. She is so talented. I love it. I heard it was cold there and I wonder why you left Arizona too. LOL Jillian

    • One of the reasons we came back at the end of October was that Rick wanted to go hunting. His last year here in the NW. Lin needed to get back to be with the dogs. Plus we needed to get back to start the holidays.

  6. I so love that painting. It’s gorgeous. Sounds as though you really had a lovely holiday and the hotel in Jerome sounds my type of place. Too grand can be too dull sometimes with little real atmosphere. Laughed about the critter at the window – brilliant. 🙂

    • Thanks Kit. We all love the painting. It’s perfect for my room. Though it would be perfect in any room. The little critter did make it a fun night. He didn’t show up until dark. And, of course just as that movie got scary. 🙂

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