Late Autumn in England

Burnham Beeches

It is hard to believe here in the UK it is the middle of November due to the mild weather we are experiencing. Autumn began early, at the start of September but because of the warm weather and little wind, the Fall colour change and leaf drop has been slow and thus protracted, much to people’s enjoyment. And it goes without saying the garden has been in flower for longer, with many plants throwing up still more blooms. This has caused us one or two dilemmas in that most of the borders, pots and tubs should have been put to bed last month but it hurts my heart to do so when they are still giving us a good display.

As an example of how mild it has been, this Sunday Dave and I were called for our booster vacs at our doctor’s surgery. The morning dawned bright, the sky blue with no breeze or chilly wind, a bonus for us as we are about 800 feet above sea level here and close to the Bristol Channel where the Atlantic winds blow strong; rarely are there such calm, quiet days. We decided to walk to our appointment, about half a mile away. More to the point, no coats were needed!

This late mild weather is something we’ve experienced before. Some 30 years ago on mid-summer’s day we had the central heating on, but come Christmas, the boiler was turned off, the windows and patio doors opened, and we had clematis in bloom in the garden, sprigs of which decorated our Christmas table! And if my memory serves me right, back in 1962, it was a mild autumn but, come Boxing Day (26th Dec), heavy snow fell heralding the Big Freeze of 62/63 when the country did not thaw out until March! I’m only hoping this warm weather is not a portent for a freezing, snowed-in winter. Back to the present…

I’ve learned to enjoy the autumn colours far more than I ever did, this coming from taking up painting when I now see things through different eyes. There is a tree we pass every week on our way to do our weekly grocery shop. During the summer little notice is taken of it but in autumn, it comes into its full glory. I don’t know what kind of tree, only that is is large. Each year, more and more people are taking note of it, many stopping to take photographs. Its colour and shape make this a magnificent specimen, and I simply must include it in a painting soon. I say that every year I see. One day…

Talking of paintings, I have at last finished the large (30 x 20 inch) floral piece I have been working on for several months and it is now proudly hanging on our lounge wall. It is a representation of a collection of flowers we had growing in tubs and pots along our patio fence, a small snapshot of the summer display we had. The hardest part has been thinking of a suitable title. After long deliberation and discussion one came to mind. So I can now unveil “Flowers of Summer”. I hope you like it.

Flowers of Summer

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10 responses to “Late Autumn in England

  1. Wow, Kit! Flowers of Summer looks amazing on your living room wall! And Burnham Beeches is stunning. You really are one talented lady! Can’t wait to see what you do with your local tree.

    I know what you mean about the garden dilemma thanks to our unseasonal weather. Was expecting to put lots to bed for the winter, but they just keep on blooming. Fingers crossed this is not the calm before the storm!

    • Thanks, Tricia. Think the tree will be back in summer leaf by the time I get around to painting it 🙂 The garden is suddenly looking very sad, cold and frost on its way. Dave is busy digging up his dahlias for storage.

  2. I second Faye’s ‘Wow’. And, I love the name ‘Flowers of Summer’.

    We are not experiencing your weather it seems. Yesterday was warm but exceptionally wet and windy. In fact, a section of my fence blew over. The flooding is horrible as in addition to all the rain the warmer weather has melted the snow in the mountains. Might be an interesting winter.

    I am so enjoying your paintings. Burnham Beeches is another beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    • Thank you, Lavada. I certainly enjoyed painting those flowers, a lovely reminder of the summer gone. Cold threatening here this weekend. Least I have plenty to do indoors, especially getting that novel finished! 🙂

  3. Absolutely agree Kit, Autumn is a wonderful time of year, filled with so many different shades and colours. But I also love Spring, when those first buds burst into fresh, bright leaves, eventually maturing into thick green canopies of leaf above and around us. Spring freshness and Autumn richness.

    • Love spring more than autumn as a sign summer coming and I do love seeing all the new shoots and plants and spring flowers growing. Each season has its good side though. Hope all is well with you. We must catch up properly soon – it’s been far too long. 🙂

  4. Kit, your paintings are so beautiful! I’m glad you finished the Flowers of Summer painting. And that tree is majestic! I hope you do get to paint it one day. Wow.

    • Thank you, Laurie. I’m glad Flowers of Summer finished. Means I can get on with another painting now. And, of course, get back down to some proper work, ie writing. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful painting. I love your work, And that autumn tree is fabulous. I’ll be hoping for you not to have a super brutal winter– glad you’re enjoying some warm days for now. Jillian

    • Thank you, Jillian. That tree is certainly an eye-stopper. Sadly now it has shed all its leaves. Weather turned cold, windy and wet here at the moment. Am keeping fingers crossed for no snow. 🙂

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