Two Weddings, Too Many Funerals

Jillian here. Happy November. I’ve been having a mixed month and a half. I went to two weddings and a memorial service for a colleague. I also had four friends lose their mothers in one week. That was a bit startling, to say the least. One of them, her mother had been ill with a second bout of cancer for a while and one of the others, her mom was 95 and hadn’t been doing well for a while. It was still kind of sad to lose them both in the same day—I knew both of those ladies well as one was my college roommates’ mom and the other was a colleague in Tallahassee’s mom who I often went to dinner with when I was over there. The other two, I didn’t know their moms, but they are special friends and my heart hurt for them.

My colleague who passed away was an excellent attorney and a very gentle soul. I know those two words don’t usually go together, but he truly was a gentle man. I never, in all the years I knew him, ever heard him raise his voice or get angry. He was kind and really had a great sense of humor. He loved to debate issues even to the point of taking the opposite side of what he believed himself just for fun and to add to the conversation. He called me at the beginning of September and we had a nice chat. He’d just come out of the hospital and had been in a diabetic coma. He never said he was ill other than that incident. I was shocked to learn in mid-October when they announced his memorial service that he died about a week after that phone call—pancreatic cancer. He’d been battling it for 11 months. It just goes to show your last conversation with someone could very well be the last one. I’ll treasure the fact that he called me to chat on that day and am grateful I was there to take the call. I also wonder if he was taking the time to say goodbye to people he thought of as friends as it was a very cheery call. But that was his personality so it didn’t seem odd.

On a happier note, I attended two weddings within a few weeks of each other. Each was outdoor and next to a lake. One was warm and one was cold- weather wise. One was a writer friend in Tallahassee. She had a horrific marriage in the past and I was so happy for her when she found love again with a man who clearly is kind and will take good care of her heart.

The other wedding was a great nephew’s. The girl he married is a sweet young lady and they seem very well matched. I think I posted here before about her bridal shower where they never cut the cake. The same thing happened at the wedding. They did the cake cutting part for pictures with them, but then never served it. It was crazy. My sister-in-law, the grandmother of the groom, finally went over and got some for the people at our table. Usually there is someone there to serve it—even the caterer would have been a good plan—except I’m not sure they would if they didn’t do the cake. It was one of those trendy naked cakes. When one of my friends saw the picture of the cake, she said, “I don’t know who did that cake but they need to get a refund. The person that iced it did a terrible job.” 🙂

I’m heading down this weekend to the grandson’s second birthday party. I’m glad my son and his wife plan them for two weeks before the actual day since he was born Thanksgiving week. Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest times for Walt Disney World and, as they live in the same metro area as the parks, it’s a nightmare (traffic-wise) to go down there then.

Hope everyone has a great month. Here are a few pics of the weddings. 

12 responses to “Two Weddings, Too Many Funerals

  1. Wow. What an up and down few weeks for you. I’m sorry about the losses. Your colleague seemed like a very special man and I’m sure he’ll be missed, as will the others, no matter the age. The weddings, though, they really made me smile. And I see you found a cool door to photograph. 🙂 Sending hugs and hurrahs for all the people who’ve touched your life of late.

    • Yes. It has been an up and down bit of time in my life, for sure. And, you’re right, they will all be missed so very much–the 95 year old was basically her daughter’s whole life- it’s going to be a hard few months for my friend until she can adjust to that loss. My colleague was an amazing man. The weddings were bright spots for sure. The door was at the venue for the nephew’s wedding. The doors opened and the parents, bridesmaids and bride entered through it. It was pretty neat and I absolutely adored the doors- so much character.

  2. You have had a variety of life lately. We are never ready to lose people especially mothers. It was good the weddings offset the losses. Always a happy time. Enjoy the upcoming Birthday celebration. The guy is growing fast.

  3. Crazy month for you. I’m so glad you talked with your attorney friend before his passing. It seems like lately there is sadness and then happiness. Big hugs to you and everyone in your life. The birthday celebration will be fun. Love the pictures.

    • Thanks Marie. I am really glad he called me before he went. It means s lot for sure.   I am very much looking forward to the birthday party for the little guy.  I had a hard time picking which pics to share. There were so many good ones.  

  4. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That was some rollercoaster for you, Jillian, I’m so sorry for all the losses you’ve experienced. But happy you had some lovely weddings to celebrate. Really great photographs, even the one of the trendy naked cake!
    Enjoy your grandson’s birthday party!

    • Thanks Faye- it def was a rollercoaster. And the weddings with their joy did help! I am dreading the drive to the party, but looking forward to seeing the son and grandson. Son is cooking a turkey- he’s such a good cook, my mouth is already set!

  6. What a busy and emotional time for you, Jillian, so sorry for your losses. The wedding photos are lovely and am sure they helped to bolster you. Hope the grandson’s party was a success and wishing you a calmer month to come. 🙂

    • Thanks for the condolences.  The weddings were great. I love the making of new families- joining together. The birthday party was a great success. The local fire department came out and showed the kids the truck, gave them fire hats and, as they left, they ran the lights and sirens.  The kids loved it. The grandson is obsessed with firetrucks so he was super thrilled. 

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