Happy Place!!!

Picture me dancing circles in the sand at the ocean on a blustery, rainy day. That’s my happy place. Rain and all. First winter getaway to the Pacific Ocean on the Washington Coast and I am sooooo happy top be here.

I came here with a writer friend and fellow Over The Backyard Fence blogger, Marie Tuhart, to spend some focused time writing. As I write this, it’s day one. Settling took second place to getting down to the beach.  Here’s our rental house.

And me standing just barely on the beach.

Turned one way is the house, the other is ocean. 145 steps from deck to beach. Perfect! Even stormy, I can watch the waves roll in. And I hear the ocean’s roar from inside, too. Like I said. Perfect.

I had a book come out in October, the third in my Willow Bay series. And I’m writing like crazy on the 4th book. There’s something so very cool about creating a community that you get to revisit with each successive book, creating new characters and growing the town. Willow Bay is a fictitious town on the Washington Coast. Small, and happy to be that way.  They take care of their own and when one is threatened, all are threatened. As well, they might take a bit to get used to newcomers, but a couple of my characters manage to wear them down. 🙂

And the beach, once you walk past the town, is like the beach above. Expansive, beautiful, and thought-provoking.

I hope you have a happy place you like to go. Someplace that takes you away from your normal life and gives you an appreciation for how wonderful this world actually is. Then, like me, you return to your normal life with a better view. Happier. Ready to take on what’s next on the to-do list.

Enjoy your happy place. I’m enjoying mine.

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8 responses to “Happy Place!!!

  1. I love the beach too. But I’m more of the view from the deck or if it’s cold from the couch type of person. I love the Myrtle Beach place I especially love the sound of the ocean. I just wish we had one in Washington. South Carolina is a long way to go.

    It’s wonderful you’ve set a series at the ocean and we are lucky to share the scene through your stories.

    Enjoy every minute

  2. A happy blog, Laurie. And your photos show how happy you are to be at your happy place! So love the ocean, but we’re about an hour away from the nearest beach. Sigh.
    I love the Willow Bay series, the characters, the setting, the plots…look forward to reading many more stories in the series.

  3. Great house and lovely beach. I hope you were both super productive as well as having a great time– and brain storming together. I miss writing retreats. Jillian

  4. That beach looks fabulous. How good to be able to escape to such a lovely place and concentrate on writing. Am loving the Willow Bay series, the location must have inspired you for the series’ location, as I’m reading them I can picture just such a place. 🙂

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