Movie Magic

Autumn is here and for me that means heating on and snuggling down at night to catch up on some TV, or rather movie watching. I love a good movie, especially when it turns into something completely different than expected.

At this time of year, Christmas movies abound. Far too early for my liking, but last weekend I thought if you can’t beat them join them. Besides, I was feeling like a bit of schmaltz, so found a movie called Last Christmas. Have you seen it? Well, it started out a bit meh for me: I didn’t like the main female character, it was a bit silly, and soon I was reaching for the remote to find something more entertaining. But for some reason I kept watching, and I’m really thankful for that. Soon, it turned into something completely different and by the time it finished I’d popped it on my list of favourite movies.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me with movies which, despite my initial ambivalence, have ended up as firm favourites. Falling into that category are: The Last Samurai (Tom Cruise – one of my favourite actors – please don’t throw rocks at me!), Tea with Mussolini (fantastic characterisation), all of Daniel Craig’s Bond movies (thank you dear husband for dragging me along), Despicable Me (thank you, Kit!), and a whole load of others to list.

Of course, the opposite can happen and much anticipated movies can fall flat as a pancake. I’m planning to see Dune next week and have high hopes (mainly because Jason Momoa looks especially gorgeous in it). Really hoping that lives up to the hype.

How about you? What movies took you by surprise and unexpectedly found their way onto your favourite list?

9 responses to “Movie Magic

  1. Okay, I’ve GOT to watch this movie. That trailer was both hilarious and serious, which bodes well. Add in your recommendation and it’s a must see for me. As for movies that caught me by surprise, I’ll pull an oldie out of the hat. Christmas Comes to Willow Creek, staring the Dukes of Hazzard boys. I expected it to be campy but it’s a must watch every Christmas now. 🙂 I’m a sucker for sappy endings, by the way. I guess that’s why I write romance?

  2. I didn’t watch it because I got a vibe that the thing would end with a death and I knew I couldn’t handle that in a holiday movie. LOL! I may be totally wrong, but that was my vibe. It does look lovely and colorful, though. I haven’t watched any Christmas movies yet this year, but funnily enough, this morning while working, I thought, “I sure would like to go home and watch a Christmas move”___ as I am wearing a Halloween jacket….. LOL- Jillian

  3. Ahhh I’m going to watch for this one. It is early for Christmas but I think we may have to get used to this as the stores are certainly ready.

    • I agree, Lavada. Christmas gets earlier and earlier. But this year I’ve just gone with the flow. Seasonal adverts are all over the TV here in the UK, and it’s hard to find a movie that isn’t Christmas related.

  4. You persuaded me over lunch the other day to give this movie another chance as I had copped out after the first ten or so minutes. My sisters keep pressuring me to watch Les Miserables again as I gave up with that one too after a short while. Like books, films have to grab me from the start which is probably why I watch a lot of films aged at children and many are among my favourites. Pleased you enjoyed Despicable Me. DM 2 is even better so do catch it when you can. And do watch out for Coco – it’s brilliant. x

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