Sorting Things

You would think with all the time we had on our hands during lockdown I would have found the inspiration to do a job that has been waiting for some considerable time: that of sorting out my study, my kitchen cupboards, my wardrobes, and several large storage boxes full of notes/manuscripts/photographs/junk. But no. Although there was ample time to do it all, during lockdown there did not seem much point.

The municipal recycling/waste site was closed, as were all the secondhand shops, on-street charity collections had ceased, and we simply hadn’t the space to store things no longer wanted. You might say I’m a bit of a hoarder; well, aren’t most of us? I mean, who else has 7 frying pans, 3 saucepans sets and 4 of china, one of which is a 72 piece? A food mixer that hasn’t been used for 5 years? Who else after being 11 years retired has business suits and skirts still hanging in the wardrobe unworn since along with fancy outfits bought for office Christmas parties? Who among us has a separate wardrobe full of clothes and shoes that have never been worn? Who else has a stack of books enough to fill a town library, read once if at all, filling every spare shelf in the house? Okay, perhaps that one doesn’t count – we are all readers and book lovers here.

So, this week, I made the decision something had to be done and soon but which to attack first? A series of small events occured which were fortuitous in setting the clean-up ball rolling. My other half ordered yet another pair of new jeans which, when delivered, transpired he had ordered the wrong size,and didn’t fit. Yes, he could have sent them back, got a refund, but they were inexpensive and the cost and hassle of reposting not worth the effort to him. The next day a charity collection bag came through the letterbox. The day after I picked up a message on social media from a local, newly opened residential care home seeking books in excellent condition for the home’s library. The following day, Dave decided to buy a new television for the lounge, not that it was necessary, he simply wanted a larger screen with a higher-quality picture. Which was fortunate, as the one in my office was playing up and hardly watchable. Bingo!

The charity bag was filled and left out for collection. A large hessian shopping bag filled to the brim with my unwanted books and delivered. A larger pile of unworn/new clothes, including the jeans, appeared on the spare bed, ready for me to take to our local St Peter’s Hospice charity shop. The office was tidied, unwanted items put either in the charity bag, recycling boxes or dustbin in order to make room for the still perfectly good television from downstairs to fit in my office. All in all, productive week which has made me feel virtuous, although the kitchen cupboards and other items will have to wait a week or so. Good job I’m not in any hurry.

Meanwhile, it has been a hard month for us in some respects: lots of memories and anniversaries, good and not so good, to get through but helped by a lovely mild week here despite being mid October. Warm enough for us to enjoy 9:00am coffee outside listening to our resident robin singing amongst plants which are still blooming, a clematis in flower for the third time this year, a thunbergia in flower which it hasn’t done all summer, the dahlias still glorious, and the sweetpeas still not giving up.

Enjoy your month, whatever it brings.

12 responses to “Sorting Things

  1. Am afraid our sorting out is a WIP, although I’m currently compiling a list of things to go for disposal. We did get rid of an old PC monitor which was hiding under the back bed and I have a large bag of unwanted clothes for our local charity shop. Impressed by the way you have grasped the nettle and decluttered! xx

    • Ah, you’ve reminded me I have an old monitor, keyboard and tower to dispose of (more room in office coming!). Thanks. Still plenty to sort but I have all winter to do it. 🙂

  2. Wow Kit sounds like my place. I have had sorting and getting rid of STUFF on my todo list forever. The worse of it is that at lot of it has been accumulated in the past 9 years. I downsized when I moved so this stuff is all on me.

    As usual a great post.

    • Still have much to sort but in no hurry. It’s amazing how much one accumulates over the years! Hope you are enjoying your vacation, Lavada. Have to admit I am jealous. 🙂

  3. Your flowers, as always, look absolutely lovely. And enjoy the paring down process. I did jump on the bandwagon early in the pandemic, but had to stop when my husband looked at an outgoing pile and asked if we were moving. Hahaha.

    • The flowers are incredible at the moment, Laurie. Dave took a lovely photo of the backyard this morning before the rain came down. Will put up when I can. More clutter to sort. Funny how decluttering makes you feel good! 🙂

  4. Yay, well done, Kit! Sounds like you’ve done really well. I just love clearing and de-cluttering, although not much good at it because I tend to keep more than I clear 🙂
    Love the photos. It’s great that things are still in flower well into mid October. That lone dahlia is gorgeous!

    • Hate the decluttering process but love the feeling when the job’s done. Still have more to sort but will have to wait, too much writing and painting to do first. Wish this mild weather would last too, so the garden keeps going for longer but fear frosts on the way. 🙂

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  6. What a great blog, Kit. I can relate to so much of it. I have managed to get through most of my study cupboards but the wardrobes are still screaming. And as for the kitchen. It’s not a mixer that is standing idle but a vegetable steamer. I’d say it was longer than five years since it came out of the cupboard as I tend to use a small microwave one these days.

    Well done for getting so much sorted. I’ve still a way to go but try and tackle it a little bit at the time.

    Big hugs for October memories.

    • I rarely use my saucepans but couldn’t be without my two steamers. Dave’s amazed I can cook a complete meal on one ring of the cooker! The microwave I wouldn’t miss, only used for heating things like baked beans. Like you, still have some way to finish decluttering but it can wait till I am in the mood again. Thanks for dropping in, Patricia. Sending warm hug back. 🙂

  7. Wow! You definitely got motivated!! Way to go on clearing all that out- sound like a massive job undertaken and done well. I’m tempted to fly you over here to take care of my closets and cupboards. 🙂 Jillian

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