Tribute to a Very Special Lady

Hi Everyone! Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while. I’ve just been finding it hard to find the motivation to write anything, let alone be creative. You see I lost my dear mum back in July and life just hasn’t been the same.

My mum had been terminally ill and was amazing all through it. She rarely complained, except about the hospital food and the woefully small TV on her hospital ward. Of course, courtesy of Covid, we couldn’t visit her, but we were able to zoom her every day. Her first question was always how we were all doing with lockdown and checking on the family dogs. Her next question was when we thought she would be able to leave hospital and get home and catch up on her soaps on a decent sized TV! When she finally did get home we filled the day with watching those soaps, playing gin rummy, reminiscing, and having our special morning coffee with a ‘naughy’ chocolate biscuit.

Since mum passed, I’ve been taking Vivvy to the woods a lot, remembering the times when mum would join us on our walks, steadfastly refusing to allow her limited mobility to stop her. I’ve been reflecting on how lucky I was to have a mum like her. Remembering things like the time when she queued in the rain all day while I was at school to get me a ticket to see The Beatles, to the times she scoured the shops to find the exact thing I wanted for Christmas, to the times she told me never to settle for anything less than what I really wanted.

She was very supportive of my writing and used to display copies of my book covers on the walls in her hallway. I often wondered what her elderly friends thought when they saw images of half-clad couples and man chests adorning the walls. I have a lovely memory of taking mum into the local W.H. Smith bookstore here in the UK on the release of one of my books, and having to stop her from buying up all the copies. Despite that I’d already given her a couple of author copies, she insisted on purchasing one and proceeded to tell everyone in the queue at the checkout that her daughter was the author of the book she was buying and how proud she was of me.

Mum loved her family, her friends, animals, her garden, shopping, Magnum ice cream, and Chuck Norris. I think she’d watched every episode ever made of Walker, Texas Ranger at least a half dozen times! The only thing she really hated was spiders, and the thought of being a burden to anyone. As if that were possible. Those last months I spent with her were amongst the most precious of my life, and I’ll miss her every day, but I’ll be forever grateful for having this very special lady as my mum.

Rest in peace, Mum, and I hope heaven has a really huge TV.

9 responses to “Tribute to a Very Special Lady

  1. I’m so sad your mother had passed, Faye. And so happy you have the wonderful times you did with her. She seems a wonderful person and honestly, I think you take after her with your caring and concern for those around you. I love the pic with Miss Vivian. And I’m smiling thinking of you two playing cards and reminiscing. Just one clarification: You got to see the Beatles in person????? God bless your mother!

    • Thanks for your lovely words, Laurie.She was indeed a wonderful person and I was so blessed.
      That’s right…I got to see the Beatles live, thanks to my mum. And I learned how to scream along with the best of them .Happy days!

  2. I am so very sorry about your mother. She looks like a lovely, happy person and she sounds amazing. What a wonderful gift from God to have blessed you with such a lovely mum. She sure made sure you were happy and I know you brought her great joy. May your wonderful memories help sustain you in your grief. Glad you have Vivvy and your husband to help you through the rough patches. Sending love. Jillian

  3. This is a beautiful memorial to your mother. Knowing her through you has been a gift. The pictures are wonderful especially the one with Vivvy. You will miss her forever but her love will always be there.

    Sending love and a hug.

  4. A beautiful tribute to an amazing lady. Your mum was very lucky to have such a lovely daughter as you to be there for her. It’s been hard I know and the grief still raw but you shared such lovely times and memories to treasure. Hang on to them in the darker moments. She’ll always be with you as will the love. Sending a hug and love to you and Adrian, and to Miss Vivvy. x

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