On The Way to 2021 World Show

The rigs are on the way to World and this will be Kennedy’s first time.  Her Aunt Lin made her a show coat for the occasion and we are all dazzled with it.  Over 2,000 crystals, half are Swarovski.  Lin took a picture of it with the sun shining through the window.   

Kennedy loves bling and the more sparkles the better. She wasn’t even two when we were in Penny’s. She was holding my hand when she spotted the jewelry counter and pulled me over. It was barely eye level for her. She whispered “I love it.” 

Pictures don’t do this coat justice but neither do words so I’m going with a picture blog and “a picture is worth a thousand words”. 


7 responses to “On The Way to 2021 World Show

  1. Wow. That coat is beautiful and it had to take a lot of work to put together. That’s a LOT of crystals. This is for the miniature horse and buggy shows, right? That jacket sure sparkles!

  2. Yes, I posted a blog on her first ever show earlier. She’s done really well with ribbons this year. Quite the little competitor.

  3. Wow! That jacket is absolutely stunning. Wishing her lots of luck at the shows.

    • Thanks Kit. The got over to the arena around 7:00pm. Kennedy had been up since 4:00am and didn’t sleep on the plane. She took short nap after they picked up the rental car. She has some Liberty classes today but most of her classes are tomorrow.

  4. Wow. That first picture is phenomenal. What a shot! And that jacket is divine. I smiled at Kennedy’s love of the jewelry counter. So sweet. Hope the show went well. JIllian

    • Thanks. She did really well at the show. National level is big classes and she was the youngest one there. She got a top ten in every class she was in plus a Grand Champion very coveted in her driving class which means a neck ribbon and trophy. The group also got one in costume too. The show was lived streamed so I got to watch from the comfort of home.

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