What Summer?

It’s hard to believe we are already in the middle of September as in the UK we are still waiting for summer. One hot week in July and three hot days last week doesn’t cut it for the season in my book! It is not so much rain, but too many dull and chilly days, some which have almost tempted us to turn on the central heating. Oh well, little we can do about it other than look forward to next summer.

Cyclamen in flower already!

The garden too is slowly retreating into hibernation. The sunflowers, the glory of our road, are hanging their heads, the phlox and lilies, clematis, rudbeckias and carnations dying down, the fuschias over. Autumn cyclamen and plumbago are in flower already, another sure sign summer is at an end, as is the chill and damp in the air first thing, the dew on the grass and furniture. At least now we don’t have to keep watering the plants and it is still pleasant and warm enough to sit outside and enjoy our morning coffee but as the Earth tilts on its axis toward the autumn equinox, our garden is in shade by noon. Whilst I don’t enjoy this time of year, or the thought of long winter nights and lack of sunlight, I can indulge myself in my writing and painting to wile away the short days. Suffice to say, autumn has arrived.

This became most evident last weekend as I drove across the country to spend the weekend with family. It is about an hour and a half drive if one goes on the motorway, but a stressful one I do not enjoy especially now most of our motorways are “smart” (which means there is no hard shoulder during busy times or heavy traffic!). Not smart in my book, so I always take the scenic route. It takes twice as long although the mileage is the same, but is a relaxing, enjoyable drive through several pretty towns and through a forest. It was seeing the leaves on the trees already turning red and yellow and falling that convinced me our summer was over. But enough of that.

It is such a joy to be able to spend a girlie weekend with my two sisters, my mother and a niece at one of my sister’s home. To sit and chat about this and that, reminisce about those wonderful holidays we took together. It used to be on such occasions our first job once I had arrived was for us to pick out where we wanted to go for our next holiday and then go to the local travel agent and book it. It always gave us something to look forward to during the long winter months. Sadly not this year. Perhaps next. But it doesn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. We laugh a lot, share jokes and stories as we imbibe in good wine, delicious food and great company. A relaxed, lazy afternoon in the garden, PJs on about 7 o’clock. An equally lazy Sunday until it is time for me to leave, drive mother and sister home on route, and take a leisurely, equally pleasant drive back home. The weekend refreshes us all, binds us. They are precious days, and the next one is planned for late November, weather permitting.

Cheers, girls.

I’m looking forward to it. As I am to next summer.

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8 responses to “What Summer?

  1. Love the picture. You are so fortunate to be close enough for these visits. It will be sad to see your beautiful garden go into ‘sleep’ mode but spring will around before we know it.

    We had an unusually hot summer with record breaking temps and no rain. I’m hoping the rain doesn’t make up for it with downpours that cause flooding. We aren’t in a flood plain here but I feel for those that are.

    Enjoy the autumn colors and scents. It’s a unique time of year.

    • We ended up with a late summer of delicious weather. Always happens when the children return back to school after the summer holidays. The garden is sadly slowly retreating, the sunflowers gone but the trees are looking wonderful. I feel an autumn painting coming on before too long. 🙂

  2. Oh, there is nothing better than that family weekend to settle your heart and surround you with a cocoon of love that will get you through the colder months. I tend to prefer fall, winter, and spring over summer. I like cooler. I love the changing colors on both ends of winter, and I love hibernating in the coldest months. I can’t imagine living somewhere where they don’t have true seasons, but I’m sad you didn’t get much of a summer! Hopefully next year.

    • As much as I dislike this time of year the colours are lovely and as a painter I have no end of inspiration so I must not complain. And no excuse now for not being indoors writing and painting. 🙂

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  4. I love the relationship you have with your family. So wonderful to enjoy each other so much- and let’s hope next year brings travel back to our lives. Your flowers are lovely – sorry you didn’t get much summer. If I could package some of ours and send it over, I would. I love fall but we get such a little bit of it, it makes me sad. I’d love to take that scenic drive- it sounds delightful! Jillian

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