Sunflowers and Daisy Fun

So here we are in the middle of August and I’m asking, “Where is our summer?” One week of high temperatures and then whoosh! Back to a typical British summer of cloud and rain and coolish weather. Still, at least all the rain we’ve had has saved us many an hour watering the garden. The garden is important to Dave and me. It’s our hobby, shared interest, the means of keeping ourselves self-sufficient in vegetables and, more importantly, the place where we can relax, ignore and forget the troubles of the world and relish in the delights of the flowers, the wildlife, the tranquility. And boy, we’ve needed that these past few months with the many health issues my family has gone through this year. No, scrap that; these last 3 years!

This year, Dave decided to grow sunflowers. Lots of them. We’ve lost count of the number of people who have stopped to look and admire them. People in cars pull over. Others have knocked on the door and asked if they can photograph them. Some just go right ahead and snap away. We don’t mind. It is a pity in some respects the schools are closed for the summer holiday as many children are missing the display, and for some reason kids just love sunflowers.

But it isn’t just the garden that has kept me going during this long, difficult year. There is my writing, and yes I am still beavering away trying to get my novel rewritten and have to admit at times the motivation and inclination have been AWOL. But the urge now is back and I’m once more into the swing of it.

And then, of course, there is painting. I haven’t done a great deal these last couple of years, but this year’s two dog commissions have kept me occupied, if again, at times the inclination was missing. With painting, one has to be in the right mood and frame of mind; at times mine was not. Thankfully, my client was in no hurry for either painting and this weekend also saw me complete a large painting in one day, one that has I think has turned out rather well. I believe that is because my mind is settled again now my family in Reading has recovered from their health problems and pandemic restrictions are lifted. Our lives can slowly but surely and with caution return to something like normality, as it did last weekend.

You may recall my nephew Gary and his wife Nicki, George’s parents, adopted a baby girl almost 3 years ago. Dave and I were included at the official adoption hearing and signing back in 2019. An official naming ceremony was planned for Easter 2020, to which we were also invited but sadly, three times this event had to be postponed because of you know what. August saw the day finally arrive when Daisy’s “Naming Day” could finally go ahead. And what a great day it was.

A naming day is a non religious, humanist ceremony performed by an official celebrant whereby a child (or adult) takes their name. The celebrant on this occasion was a man with a wonderful sense of humour and a deep sense of fun. This was confirmed by the small pots of bubble fluid and wands he put on every chair, both adults and children, to enjoy, which we did, during the long ceremony wherein her parents followed by six “guide parents” spoke their vows and committment to Daisy, and her big brother George with help from granny read out the poem “What is a Brother?”. It was lovely seeing my sisters, nieces, nephews, great nieces nephews and members of Nicki’s family we have come to know over the years, catch up on news and general conversation. It is great we all get on so well. The day was full of love, laughter, fun, hugs, delicious food and memory-making. We’re hoping the next family day won’t be too long in coming.

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13 responses to “Sunflowers and Daisy Fun

  1. Your gardens are absolutely gorgeous. They could easily be presented in a magazine. Have you thought about maybe freelancing an article. Early on when I first started writing I did a short story that sold to a magazine. Only $300 and they had the rights to it but it was fun to do. Just a thought but your pictures are good.

    I’ve never hear of a naming day but I like it. And so happy to hear of the improvement in health.

    • Have never given a thought to write an article for a gardening magazine. Will give it some thought, thanks for the suggestion.
      A Naming Day is becoming very popular over here. Can even buy greeting cards and gifts for it. We had similar for George when he was a baby although the official ceremony was conducted in a registry office. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow. My blood pressure dropped a few wonderful, relaxing degrees as I stared at your garden pics. What a wonderful little place of solitude you’ve created there, even if people are peeping over the wall to take pictures. πŸ™‚ And what a wonderful naming ceremony that was!

    • Never given a thought about writing an article for a magazine on gardening. Will give it some thought. Thanks for the suggestion.
      A naming day is become popular over here. We had the same for George some 12 years ago, although his official ceremony was carried out at a registry office. πŸ™‚

    • We get frustrated when the weather isn’t so good, as it has been here lately, and we can’t get outside to potter and sit and enjoy. We would certainly miss not having a garden. πŸ™‚

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  4. Great blog, Kit, and I love the sunflowers.

  5. Your garden looks stunning and your paintings are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. x

  6. Love your garden and paintings. And way to go on working on your book. I need to take inspiration from you and get off my rear. Lol. And what a great ceremony of the Naming Day. So much fun! Great pictures. Jillian

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