August Heat

How’s that for a title? We’re in the middle of a new heat wave, mid to upper 90’s. I’m not thrilled about it. Hopefully it won’t get too bad.

Outside of the heat coming up, not much going on in my neck of the woods. I’ve been writing and received edits from my editor just the other day so I’m crawling into the editing cage.

I’m also learning how to create writing courses and will be teaching one in November on Goals and Planning, so that will be fun.

Tommy and Trina are their crazy selves. Tommy is super scruffy right now. The groomer I take him to has been really booked, I finally got an appointment later this month. And the dogs have to go to the vet this week for one of their shots, or at least it was supposed to be that.

Late Monday night, Trina laid down next to me and rolled over so I’d rub her chest and I noticed a spot low on her belly by her leg. I’d noticed she’d been licking a bit more than normal but hadn’t realize it was that bad. So I picked her up and check out the area, but she wouldn’t stop licking so I made a makeshift cover until I could call the vet.

As you’ll see from the picture below, she was not the happy camper with me. I called the vet and they can’t see her until Saturday. Which was fine, I’ve dealt with stuff like this before, just not on a dog. I cut up an old t-shirt and using gauze I’m keeping the area covered so she can’t lick it. She still tries to lick it, but can’t get to it. On Saturday I’ll see what we can do. I’m afraid she’s going to have the cone of shame.

Tommy is just his normal crazy self. He loves to do zoomies in the family room over the sofa and loveseat. Sometimes he zoomies over me. He’s got so much energy but when he crashes, he crashes.

I hope everyone has a wonderful August. Fall is around the corner.

Miss Trina lying with her back to me because she was mad I bandaged her up so she could lick.

Mr Tommy who after a day of play fell asleep

7 responses to “August Heat

  1. Well, hopefully by now, Trina has forgiven you because it’s for her own good. 🙂 And Tommy, what a cutie. Yes, it’s hot, hot, hot here, and we’re going camping where it’s hotter and hotter. Thank goodness, we rented a trailer so will have A/C. I think our tent camping family will be huddled inside it. Yikes. Good luck in the editing cave.

    • Thanks, Laurie. Trina is pretty easy going, she’s been cuddling with me after she got over the hurt and allows me to change the bandage each night, then cuddles more. Have fun camping.

  2. Hope Trina is back to 100% soon. What a cool idea to learn and do writing classes. Can’t wait to see how you do! Stay hydrated and cool in the heat- it can be brutal and not your friend! Jillian

  3. I am so thankful I made the decision to get a/c. There have been time when I wondered if I had really needed it. But I don’t doubt it a bit now. Your puppies are so cute. Let us know what the vet says about Trina.

    • Hi Lavada, I have an a/c unit in the family room, so that’s where I live when the heat gets this bad. I will update after we see the vet, I figure at least maybe some topical cream to put on it, at worse, pills and the cone of shame.

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