Life in the Pacific Northwest

Happy June!

I don’t now about where you’re at but the Pacific Northwest the weather can’t make up it’s mind. We have days where its in the 60’s, the sun is out and life is good. Then it goes to 90 the next day and we’re dying, then plunges two days later back to 50’s and rain. It really is crazy.

Another crazy thing in Montana they had this thing called Mothership Tornado – yep. Here’s a link:

I can’t believe it, it does look like a alien mothership.

Last week I got together in-person with some writing friends. I know, gasp, in-person. It was the greatest thing. One member of our group is moving, but we’ll still meet online. We had so much fun going to King’s Books (an indie bookstore in Tacoma) and then next door to Doyle’s for dinner.

It was great to get together and be able to talk, and since we were all vaccinated. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy talking with other writers, but also just getting out into the world.

Tommy and Trina are doing great. As you’ll see below, they are crazy pups.

Sleeping together as I write:

Then this is just Trina when it was hot – she decided lying on the hardwood floor was the coolest place:

And then there’s Tommy – he decided he’d rather lay in the grass in the shade:

Everyone have a great month


6 responses to “Life in the Pacific Northwest

  1. Oh my gosh they’ve gotten so big. And you’re right about PNW weather. Wait five minutes and it will change. Lol. That tornado is crazy. I’ll take our weather any day.

  2. The puppies are a perfect size. And, look so happy and well cared for. As a fellow Pacific NW person, like you, I find the weather something else. Then I see the news and am so happy here live here.

  3. Sounds like some real wacky weather! I am so glad you got to visit some friends in person. It sure does help. I met up with a lawyer friend about a week ago and neither of us wanted to stop talking. LOL. I am with the pups on the cool spot being the wood floor. Good for the belly! πŸ™‚ Jillian

  4. Crazy weather, like here. Scorcher in UK at moment, thunderstorms and hail forecast for tomorrow and no doubt temperature will plummet and rain next month when Wimbledon tennis on. Still, we make the most of it whilst it is warm. The pups are as adorable as ever, bless them. Just glad we don’t get tornados like that here! WOW. πŸ™‚

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