I chose that title with a specific reason. It’s that time of year when all the birds are out and about, and various wildlife including wild rabbits.

Guess who decided he wants to chase them all? Yep, little Tommy. He goes absolutely crazy when he sees the birds outside, I get ravens, robins and swallows. But when a wild rabbit invaded, Tommy really went nuts.

He’s so funny to watch. He’ll jump up at the patio door windows, he’ll sit and whine, and he vibrates with the need to go after the rabbit. Trina is somewhat interested.

Also, the two pups were groomed last week. Tommy has lost all his scruff for right now, I bet he feels a lighter with out all that hair. Trina doesn’t need much grooming, just a bath and nails.

As for me, I’m writing and on Friday I’ll will be two weeks past my 2nd vaccine shot so I’ll be able to go get my hair cut now. It’s been almost a year since I had it cut and it’s way too long.

So here’s my wild bunny:

And here’s Tommy watching – you can’t see him vibrating.

And finally a picture of Tommy after he was groomed – he’s still a handsome man.

Everyone have a great week.

6 responses to “Wildlife

  1. Your guys are growing. It does the heart good to see how healthy and happy they are. I finally had to get rabbit repellant the little guys were eating the flowers faster than I could plant them. This is safe for pets and the tomatoes I think the repellant is in the smell. Whew!!!!

    Happy Sprint to all.

    • Lavanda, they rabbits just usually chew on the grass or weeds so no worry there. But the holes are all fixed now, so they shouldn’t be able to get back in the yard. Now only the birds can torment Tommy.

  2. Tommy is your hunter. I can just picture him shivering with excitement. Lol. And soooo handsome in his trimmed suit. I love that you post updates on the blog. They are both soooo adorable.

  3. They sure are growing. I can imagine Tommy’s exciting as seeing the rabbit and birds. He’s a dog doing what dogs do. And Trinny’s a little lady: content with simply a bath and nails. Love it!

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