May = Mother’s Day

Jillian here. May in the USA brings us pretty flowers and Mother’s Day. My own mother has always given her two children small tokens for Mother’s Day which I think is cute. We made her a mother and she honors us as well as us honoring her. Pretty cool, huh?

This year, we got flowers to either pot or plant… My sister and I both have black thumbs so we both see these as “victims”- Mom has a super green thumb and thinks (delusionally) that her offspring do as well. I don’t know why she thinks this as she has rescued many a plant from our evil clutches in the past. One time, when I was in law school, I had a fern that was down to four twigs. She took it home with her and by the time I came home a couple of months later, she had three big ferns hanging on her back porch from my feeble little twigs.

I’ve killed cactus and wilted silk flowers, so pray for this plant. It can use all the help it can get!

Hope all had a great Mother’s Day- whenever you celebrate.

7 responses to “May = Mother’s Day

  1. The plant is beautiful. A dahlia, right? I love the colors. And reading this is so timely because I JUST told my daughter to never by me an orchid. I’ll kill it, sure as it’s going to rain again sometime. I am NOT an orchid nurturer. Lol a bunch. Good luck with the plant. Put it outside in the soil with some fertilizer, water it, and let it decide if it’s hardy enough to make it. It is, ultimately, the plant’s choice, right? (At least, that’s my story.( Lol) Happy late Mother’s Day!

    • HAha!  Yeah.  I will let the plant decide.  Hehehee.  And I have zero clue what kind it is.  I agree that it’s pretty, whatever it is.  My mom’s bestie (sadly, he passed away a few years ago) was a prize winning orchid grower.  They are so beautiful, but I agree,  they are way too fragile for the likes of us.  🙂   Happy late Mom’s day to you as well.  

  2. Dahlia are pretty hardy at least here in the NW. I was surprised how well I did with orchid’s they are a lot stronger than you’d think. However I do have two very lifelike silk ones.

    Loving the May weather here.

  3. Beautiful dahlia. Love the colour. My mother is like that with plants too, Jillian. Give her any twig or cutting and she pops it in the ground and off it grows without any help. A fabulous idea of your mother’s, to gift to her children on Mother’s Day. I like it. 🙂

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