What’s in the box?

Since my motivation has been a trifle lacking lately, I’ve decided to level up on ways to get more productive.

Writing wise, that means online sprints with my writing pals. These get me moving, but I have to admit that the sprints are sometimes all I manage and writing takes a backseat for the rest of the week. *Sigh* Not even a juicy new idea for a series has kept the old motivation levels high. While I also get inspired during online chats with my girls, especially when they all seem to be storming along with their goals, that inspiration can sometimes wane all too soon. *Double sigh*

Since I always feel better when I’m writing consistently, and apparently I’m not the only one who notices that (cue husband), I’ve been thinking/researching other ways to motivate myself.

One thing I found was Nonsense Timer Writing. Ten minutes where you just type gobbledegook. No proper words, no real sentences, no punctuation. Nothing, in fact, that makes any kind of sense. The theory is that as you type rubbish, you’ll find yourself wanting to write properly. Little ideas will pop, characters will speak, and before long you’ll want that ten minutes to be up so you can get back to the story you’re currently writing. Well, anything is worth a try.

Another technique is one hubby has come up with. Poor AJ hates it when I don’t write on a daily basis. Can’t think why? Maybe it’s because I find him things to do around the house when I’m not at the keyboard. Anyway, he came up with a reward system where he places something in a box, seals it up, and I can only open it when I’ve done my daily word count.

He’s only been doing this since the weekend but so far I’ve found a small bar of chocolate, two biscuits, and last night I opened it to find my kindle! It seems he’s going to be merciless. I dread to think what other of my ‘necessities’ he’ll hide in that box and won’t allow me access to unless I hit my word count!

Ah well, it’s working for now and I’ve typed more words in the last few days than I have in quite a while. Whatever works, right?

So, tell me. How do you find the motivation to do the things? Have you found any bizarre or interesting ways, or are you just naturally disciplined? I’d love to know.


5 responses to “What’s in the box?

  1. Ah great question. Remember how we met. At an online accountability class. It was the second time I took the class. It worked back then but I was seriously writing. Now it’s something I just have to at least have access too. I tried quitting for a year and like you I wasn’t happy. Getting words down give me a satisfaction that nothing else does. Certainly not cleaning the house or working in the yard. Writing produces something that last longer than a clean house that’s for sure. I’ve often said that if I didn’t write I’d be crocheting doilies.

    So for me at this time of my life I have decreased my expectations and I’m happier.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your husband’s box idea. That is AWESOME. For me, lately, I’ve been starting my day with a 2 minute power pose (superhero stance with affirmations and gratitude). It’s been helping me.

  3. Love what your husband is doing. My motivation has been off too, but it was more the book wasn’t working once I figured it out. I’m not back to the keyboard and revising. Writing sprints help me a lot too. There’s something about that accountability.

  4. I love your husband for this. So cool. He’s def a keeper!! And I need motivation myself. I have not been feeling like writing at all. I will check this out. Jillian

  5. Love this. Well done, Adrian. Brilliant idea. Why can’t mine think of something like that? 🙂

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