Birthday Month

Usually I don’t think much about my birthday except I have one. LOL. I know.

This year it means a lot more to me outside if it occurs in April. I received my first Covid-19 vaccination shot on April 2nd, I will get my second shot at the end of the month. That has made me very happy.

Another reason this month is now special to me is Tommy and Trina. They were born April 20, 2020. These two have brought so much joy and fun into my life. They make me laugh, smile and added to me staying happy and healthy. I’ve never regretted getting the two dogs. As they get old and after all their training, they are better at listening and minding.

Like toddlers they get distracted, and like to think they can do anything. And by that I mean chase the birds, eat worms and have all the treats they want. (hint: mommy doesn’t allow them too many treats.)

They’ve grown so much in the almost 7 months I’ve had them. They are pretty much full grown now, so I thought it would be cute to see a picture of them the day I got them and how grown they are.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring.

The day I got them – they were 5 months only:

And this picture which was taken a few weeks ago:

My babies are growing up and enjoying their life.

6 responses to “Birthday Month

  1. Ahhhh, they’ve grown so much. And Happy Birthday month! Yes, it sounds like yours is full of good, heartlifting events. And the sun is out!!!

  2. REALLY loved the comparison pictures. They make me smile. April is a great month to have a birthday. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, maybe THE favorite depending on the weather and this one looks like it’s going to be a good one.

  3. I can’t get over how adorable those two are. I could hug and hug them. Yes, April is a good month – it’s my birthday month too along with several members of my family. And a good month too because it’s spring. Yay!

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