Happy Places

I’m a water person. I love being near the water. In January, I went to the beach by myself to get some oceanside time. It was a new rental in a new area for me and I keep saying I found my happy place. It was 160 steps down the path to be on the beach. And I could watch the waves from our bottom floor apartment, as well.  A couple weeks ago, I went back with hubby and he liked it too. Now, he’s a farm guy, so our little acre of grass and garden is his happy place. But he gladly went with me to see mine.

We got lucky with one day of abundant sunshine and we got out geocaching the area. For those of you who might now know about geocaching, it’s kind of like urban treasure hunting (without the treasure.) People hide containers with paper logs in them and we use our GPS to find them and sign the log, then go online and log that we found it. It gets us out walking and we’ve found some really neat hidden places this way. If you’re interested in learning more about it, you can check geocaching out here.

Anyhow, after the day of out and about, we had a very stormy day. Windy, sideways rain, angry waves etc. We were snug in our little place and got to watch the storm blow through for most of the day. That was as cool as the sunny day before.

I can hardly wait to go back, but alas, this particular rental is very popular and I might not make it back there again until fall. But it’s in my heart and I’ve got lots of pictures to remind me when I feel the tug.

Where’s your happy place? Is it at home, at the beach, deep in the forest, in a high rise apartment in the midst of all the hubbub of the city?

In other news, I released a short story last week in my fantasy line. Wolf’s Call was the final time I’d be with the characters I developed for the Earth Legacy series. I’ll admit I cried writing it, cried editing it, and cried when it released. That series, for me, was a years long endeavor and the characters were dear to my heart. You can find out more about Wolf’s Call here.

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6 responses to “Happy Places

  1. I love the whole Earth Legacy Series and hated to see it end. Would so recommend it.

    Right now my happy place is The Grand at Cancun. We couldn’t be taken care of better. But I love the condo in Myrtle beach. We look right at the Atlantic Ocean and get both the sunsets and sunrise it can’t get much better for views.

    So glad you found this happy place Laurie

  2. I love your place- it looks special and pretty. I hope you can return many, many times. AND A stormy day at the seaside is a totally different kind of wonderful than a sunny one for sure. Congrats on the new release! It is sad to say bye to characters we learn to love, isn’t it? Jillian

    • At this point, it may be November before I get back there, but I WILL return. 🙂 Saying goodbye to characters, especially series ones, isn’t easy. I think I go through a bit of a grieving period, if that makes any sense?

  3. So pleased you could return to your happy place. It may be sometime before you return but it will make the stay even better. My happy place is certainly my home. As much as I love travelling, home always calls me back. Loved the Earth Legacy series though yet to read Wolf’s Call. Can fully appreciate how you felt come the final release.

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