Spring has Sprung

According to the calendar Spring has arrived. It’s raining here, but I tell myself that it’s spring-rain.  It’s been quite a winter though we’ve had pretty good weather, and in comparison with other parts of the world, great weather. 

The yard is starting to bud out but no flowers yet so I treated myself to a couple of silk arrangements to give the house a touch of spring.  I love cut flowers and wish I could keep in-door plants alive. Occasionally I get one and reason out that while it doesn’t have a long life it lasts longer than cut flowers.   

Friends here in Jubilee and I decided to get out for lunch. With things opening back up the restaurants are again serving inside. They are under reduced capacity but are working well with it. Karen and I have a favorite place on the other side of town. Edith hadn’t been there so we decided to introduce her to The Brick. It feels good to be out and about. 

As things change and we adjust to the new norms I am going to try and embrace the challenge. It’s just one more in life. Sometimes I think if we can manage aging, with sometimes daily changes and challenges, we can manage anything.  And, the reality is, aging is a challenge at every age. 

As spring begins and new life is budding may your world open up with health and happiness.  

7 responses to “Spring has Sprung

  1. The flowers look great (and don’t look silk in the picture.) Embracing this new world with continued distancing even as we get out of the house a bit–it’s very doable.I’m glad you got out a bit!

  2. Beautiful flowers and I agree they don’t look silk.

  3. Thanks they look real but they are no trouble to take care of.

  4. Happy Spring!! Glad you’re able to venture out! and the flowers are lovely- look very real. Jillian

  5. Thanks Jillian, they have come a long way from those plastic flowers we used to have.

  6. It must feel so good to be able to take the plunge and eat out again. We’re waiting for that time to come here. Restaurants are open but one can only eat or drink outside. Far too chilly here to do that yet, at least for some of us. Normally may be different but at least we’re getting there. Love the flowers, they look so real I thought they were.

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