Lockdown Walks

Since we’re in lockdown (again) here in the UK, it’s not been possible to venture too far from the old homestead. In fact, the farthest I managed was a six mile car trip to get my COVID-19 vaccine!

That said, we have had some lovely and interesting walks in our local area. Having lived in the village for almost 25 years, we prided ourselves on knowing it quite well, but with the release of a new book by a local author detailing twenty circular walks within easy reach of our village, we have discovered some new and fascinating routes. Each walk has a short version and a longer version and every one of them features a route by either a lake or river, which has pleased our water-loving Vivvy no end 🙂

We’ve encountered some interesting characters on our new walks and have learned a lot from them about the countryside as a whole and the local area in particular. I didn’t know there were quite so many different types of gates and stiles, or that our area held quite a number of intriguing stone circles each with a fascinating, and sometimes lurid history. Ghost stories abound, as do sightings of strange and mysterious creatures that appear to unsuspecting walkers, often as dusk falls. You can imagine how my writer-imagination fires on all cylinders while listening to these often tongue-in-cheek accounts by the locals. They have certainly given me food for thought for future stories. I’ll need to do some further research, which means revisiting the places from which these strange tales emanate. But I’ll be doing that in daylight, of course, and will make sure to be home well before the light fades!

8 responses to “Lockdown Walks

  1. OMGosh, that does NOT look like a lake or river. That’s a mud puddle Miss Vivvy is in! ROTFL. She truly IS a water lover. 🙂 It sounds like you’ve definitely found fodder for more stories. Maybe some shifter stories? I loved your Beasts of Bodmin series!

  2. Vivvy probably needed a bath after that.

  3. Now I’m envious. I love these kinds of lore. And, like Laurie I immediately thought of the Beasts of Bodmin series. You have a setting for new series right in your backyard.

    Love Vivvy’s picture. She is so . . . well, just So…. got to love her.

  4. You are so lucky to have such lovely places to walk. At least before too long we will be let of the leash and able to venture further afield. Meanwhile, I’m more interested in these folklore tales. Would love to hear them. Do tell! 🙂

  5. Your Vivvy made me giggle. What a mud hen! LOL! So cute. Glad she is enjoying the walk! and you as well. Jillian

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