Whoops I Forgot

  I know I’m two days behind in posting this but I’m having a hard time remembering what day of the week it is. The calendar date —- forget it. I do remember when I’d still be writing the previous year on my checks at this time. Now I rarely write a check so no worry there. 

Oh well, right now I’m consoling myself with the knowledge that the winter TV shows are starting up. Got to remember what day it is so that I don’t miss anything. Oh, <slap myself on the forehead>  just remembered, I tape my favorites now so I don’t worry about missing them. 

Okay, I think I’ll concentrate on living in the moment. And, right now it is absolutely beautiful outside. Cold, but sunny. I’ve got the fireplace going (it’s gas so no work of bringing in wood), love the ambiance. And, a great book and a to-do list that can wait as nothing is pressing. Really, do we have it so bad? I could do with a little less comfort food around right now so guess I need to work on eating it up so I won’t be tempted tomorrow or the next few days. See, ‘living in the moment’. 

Seriously, I’m trying to keep humor in my life along with the positive. And there is a lot out there. Gracie the little dog that has recently joined our neighborhood is a little clown. Her person brings her over on their walks and she lights up the day. I keep treats so she’s always ready to stop for a visit. Then there’s the Hallmark movies, who can’t get positive fibes from a few hours of watching predictable non-violence movies. 

You can call it feeding your soul, or finding your happy place, or whatever, but I like that we can choose to be happy. Kit, in the last post asked “What do you look forward to most this year?” It was a great question. To expand, what are you doing to make life better, or get to where you want to be this year? 

Be happy, stay safe. 

5 responses to “Whoops I Forgot

  1. Oh, my gosh, I’ve struggled with dates and days. I call it COVID-19 brain. You’re so right that we need to see the positives and enjoy today and I appreciate the reminder as I did into melancholy pretty easily. As for how am I making things better? Personally, it’s small trips. A rental at the ocean where I can have a different view, but still be COVID-19 safe. And not getting pulled into negativity. I’m so sick of everyone grousing about what’s wrong. We need to be the change. The Bernie Sanders memes…now THAT’s a positive. Hilarious!

  2. I like your idea of short trips. Always feel better when I even get out for a short drive around. Spring will so help.

  3. I’m making life better by spending time with AJ and Vivvy and walks around our village, and also watching lots of good movies, too. Since one of my goals is to get fit and healthy (after last year when I took my eye off the ball) I’m trying not to eat too much feel-good chocolate. That’s a hard one though 🙂

  4. Love this post, Lavada. I too lose track of what day of the week it is. Usually only working it out when Dave tells me it’s Friday – shopping day. Seems odd but during what is usually a bad time of the year for me is this year is the opposite – we’re enjoying our days together because we’re not under any pressure, we’ve everything to look forward to and can fill our days with doing what brings us most pleasure making our life better. Just want some warm sunny days now and things would be perfect. 🙂

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