The strange ‘in-between’

Firstly, I hope everyone managed to have a good Christmas, despite the less than ideal circumstances we all find ourselves in. We had a lovely time, but it was hard not meeting up with family and friends. All I can say is, thank heaven for Zoom!

This year, the ‘in-between’ week from Christmas to New Year is a strange one. The normal things that happen during this period aren’t taking place. Here in the UK we are basically in lockdown. So there has been no trips to the post-Christmas sales; no outings to the cinema; no festive evenings with friends… There’s a kind of stillness in the air, a flatness in the the lead up to New Year. It’s as if the world is holding its breath in the hope that better things are coming.

This week always finds me in a reflective mood (I suppose it’s the same for most of us). I think about the year that’s rapidly coming to an end and take time to look back on the good things… what went well, what goals I managed to achieve, etc. Also, the things that didn’t go so well, the goals I didn’t achieve, and the things that didn’t get done. I tend not to dwell too much on the later, except to resolve to do better in the future.

While I’m extremely grateful that my loved ones have come through the year and have remained virus-free, there has been one major family health challenge that came out of the blue and has left me reflecting on the fragility of life. It has certainly put things back into perspective, making me realise that my distinct lack of writing focus in 2020 (caused by major procrastination issues – no excuse) is really, in the bigger scheme of things, not that important. I failed big-time in meeting the goals I set, but there’s always next year.

But regardless of meeting goals or not, it’s always a good idea to set them. It is our goals that can help keep us rooted when life is especially challenging. They push us forward into the great unknown where all kinds of possibilities exist. I’m reminded of the wonderful Desiderata with its instruction to “keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.”

As the New Year approaches, I wish you everything that you wish for yourself. Stay safe, my friends. We’re getting there!

4 responses to “The strange ‘in-between’

  1. It DOES feel like a very strange “in-between” week. We are all collectively holding our breath waiting for 2020 to be over. Maybe, with a change in years, we…no, I can’t make that a collective thought. I might not focus so much on the negative. You are so right that we should count our blessings and look forward to a new year of possibilities. As for Desiderata, it’s my favorite poem of all time. A mantra to fashion one’s life after. Happy New Year!

  2. You so describe the emotional climate right now with “in-between” week. Things for 2020 have wound down. Looking forward to 2021 and normal even if it might be altered.
    Happy 2021 to all.

  3. I know just what you mean by that in-between feeling, Tricia. One thing I’ve noticed is how quickly people took down their decorations after Christmas instead of waiting until 12th night. I’ve finding this week even stranger but think that’s because we’ve gone into full lockdown again in the UK. My goals for 2021? Get this current book finished and published, the next one written and do even more in the garden. Two out three certainly achievable. I gave up with the trying to lose weight one each year 🙂

  4. Hugs to you on the one medical issue that caused you to think about the fragility of life. Being born in the in-between week, I always have something to look forward to even if I am staying home. 🙂 I am sad that we all are still in this mode of not being able to live our lives freely – Covid needs to take a hike!! I was also reflecting this past week about all the things I still need to work on in my life. Thought about doing a blog post on it, but I was too depressed about it. 🙂 Have a blessed new year, my friend. Jillian

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