Happy Holidays

We made it to December.

Typing that made me feel so good. After everything we’ve been through this year I never though we’d see the end of 2020.

I know for me there have been a lot of ups and down in this year, but making it through the year and being able to write and publish books makes me smile. Life can be challenging at times, and I will say 2020 has been the most challenging that I can ever remember.

Thanksgiving was very quiet for me. I cooked myself a meal as the family decided not to gather. It was really nice for me to have a good meal and just be able to relax on Thanksgiving. No worries about getting somewhere at a certain time, or about the puppies. I know it wasn’t optimum for a lot of people, but we’ll get through this together.

Christmas will be much of the same. No family gathering. I have turkey breast to cook, but I decided the other day I wanted something different. So I’m making enchiladas for Christmas dinner. I haven’t made the enchiladas in years and I’m looking forward to having them.

I had a winter allergy attack two weeks ago, and it knocked me for a loop. It wasn’t normal allergy attack, it went directly to my lungs. I’ve had a cough for almost 3 weeks now. Its slowly getting better, but it really knocked me for a loop. I think the cold air did it. I usually don’t go out when it’s cold, but at night Tommy has to be taken out on a leash or he’ll never come back inside. It’s been in the high 20’s low 30’s here at night and that cold air irritated my lungs. So now I make sure I go out with a scarf wrapped around my face.

Tommy and Trina are doing great. Both now weigh 11 pounds, they’re growing and learning. They’ve been going to beginning dog training classes, and in Jan they’ll start the advanced class. They’re learning, sometimes not as fast as I’d like, but then they’re stubborn dogs.

One thing with Tommy and training, he’s really good for about 30 minutes and then he’s done. He’ll just lay down on the floor. It also wears them out, as does dog camp. Which is good for socialization and play.

Here’s a picture of them one day after I’d run them around the yard and played with them:

They’re both so cute when they’re asleep.

I want everyone to enjoy the holidays, no matter how you celebrate or don’t celebrate.

Have a happy New Year too. 2021 will be better than 2020.

4 responses to “Happy Holidays

  1. Puppies are so cute. Lucky little ones to have you. Like everyone else we are really downsizing Christmas. 2020 will hopefully makes us all thankful in the years to come. We can look back and say we survived.

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so right. They are cute, eyes open OR closed. Christmas for us this year, since we are not gathering, meant mailing packages and the last one goes out today. Woohoo! Christmas this year will be zooms and phone calls, but, even if it’s different, it’s the goodwill of the season, the closeness of family, even distanced, that matters. We’ll be home by ourselves and that’s okay. Like you said, it’s one year. Merry Christmas, Marie!

  3. What a couple of beautiful babies you have, Marie. They are so gorgeous. I’m glad your cough is slowly getting better, that can really take it out of you. Take care and Merry Christmas!

  4. Christmas for us will be quiet as usual, just Dave, my Mum and me, so won’t feel very different to other years although the phone will be red hot on Christmas morning, I’m sure. Glad you are getting better and at last we are reaching the end of a horrible year. And there was me thinking last year was bad enough! Certainly 2020 is a year none of us will forget! As to those two gorgeous sweet darling puppies. They are cuter every time I see them. Take care, take things slowly and enjoy. Wishing you a Merry Christmas! šŸ™‚

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