Season of Mists…

Okay, so I’m not an autumn/winter person. I’d much rather a lovely sunny, warm spring or summer day than the ones we’ve been experiencing this week here in the UK: cold, damp and pretty depressing.

That said, today’s doggie walk was really atmospheric. I’ve blogged before about how much I love our local woods and this week the early morning mists (that have lasted all day) turned them into something special.

What’s more, it got my paranormal juices a-popping. I could just see a nice juicy shifter stalking out of those trees – panther, wolf – I’m not fussy, and before long I had an idea for a new series. But, total shocker, this writer didn’t have her mini voice recorder with her, nor pen or paper to jot down my thoughts. I know, I should hang my head in shame. What writer goes anywhere without the means by which to get those often fleeting thoughts down before they are lost to the ether?

Thankfully, the gist of my idea was still there by the time I got home and I was able to scribble down my thoughts. But, lesson learned. I don’t plan on getting caught out again. The mini recorder is now safely ensconsed in the ‘walkies’ bag, complete with fresh batteries!

How about you? Do you always carry a means by which you can jot down your thoughts/ideas/plans when you’re away from home? A notebook/mini recorder/phone? Let me know how you capture those thoughts 🙂

9 responses to “Season of Mists…

  1. Old school–a piece of paper in my wallet. Occasionally I’ll have to hold a thought while I locate a pen.

  2. I love that picture and I had the same thoughts about how great a scene for a Shifter. I have thought about carrying a mini recorder and even have one. Just haven’t gotten into it. Ummmm. Maybe I might try it.

  3. That picture is awesome and eerie and I’m glad you knew your way home! Yes, it seems ripe for a shifter moment and I hope you jotted enough notes down to write the story. For me, I carry a notepad and pen unless I’m gone longer, then my handy recorder goes with me. I like to use the recorder on walks. Sometimes, talking to myself life that helps me suss out a scene.

  4. ooooh, I love it. Such an awesome picture. AND Super news about a new series. That wood is definitely an inspiration. Jillian

  5. I agree, Jillian. I’m gradually fleshing out the idea.

  6. Wow, what an atmospheric photograph! Love the news about the new series. I used to always carry a recorder with me and a pen and pad but do most of my working out of scenes or ideas whilst in bed, especially if I wake up in the early hours. 🙂

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