Beyond 2020

imagesSeptember is almost at an end and we are entering the last quarter of 2020.  It’s been quite a year. One we know doubt will be talking about in the years to come. It makes me think about life and how as generations pass, we lose first hand experiences. On a smaller scale I can remember asking my grandmother if they had cars when she was a little girl.

Someday our grandkids or great grands will ask if we were in the great global pandemic. For sure they’ll ask if we had television’s when we were little kids. Hey we can laugh, but we didn’t have one until our kids came along. And, I certainly remember when land line phones were fixed to the wall and we only had one. No cordless, and cell phones were only in futuristic comic books along with flying cars.

Life is easier now, giving us more time.  But having to stay home because of the lock downs is hard. For the past week it has even been worse here because of the smoke from fires. The air has been so unhealthy that health warning came out for us to stay inside. Other parts of the country have had record storms leaving people without power and with flooding.

2020, with all the life altering changes, will end. We will go back to not heading straight for the sink to wash our hands when we come in from anywhere. The pandemic will be conquered, but we will also be in a new norm.  Life isn’t what it was 50 years ago or even 20 to 30 years ago.  So, let’s pretend:

Close your eyes for a second and focus on where you are in – let’s say from 20 to 50 years.  Now what did you see?

For starters I see:

  • an electric car that I can talk to and it will drive itself.
  • a zoom that is controlled with voice commands and mops the floor as well as vacuuming it (Wait a minute I just saw one like that on facebook this morning)
  • an airport where you walk into a capsule and it will transport you to wherever you’re going.
  • clean air and water
  • robot gardeners

Whatever the future holds cling to what’s good in your life and remember to laugh. It’s the healthy thing to do.











7 responses to “Beyond 2020

  1. Remember to laugh. That’s probably the most important advice of all, and I’m grateful you reminded us. As for what I’d see 50 years from now…I’m afraid my view is jaded, so I’ll list what I hope: a more utopian society where we all pull together for the betterment of everyone. A more concrete wish would be transporters. I would love for planes to be a piece of the past. Beam me up, Scottie. 🙂

  2. Okay, you had me laughing this morning Laurie.

  3. Laughter – the best medicine on the planet (next to finding the cure for Covid, that is!). 50 years from now I would hope the world is at peace with each other, one large joined up happy family Earth, but somehow I doubt it. I might be here in 20 years time, and if cars can self-drive everywhere that would be marvellous. Would like to be sitting in the sun on a Mediterranean island, full of good health, vigour and good company to laugh along with, I’d be happy. If not, just good-humoured company will suit me just fine. Great post, Lavada. Certainly got me thinking. 🙂

  4. The world is changing. Ye gads can you even imagine not having indoor plumbing. My bidet toilet seat went out and talk about whining. And, this morning I got a flyer from Costco with a zoom vacuum and mop in one. Of course it was $800+ but they will eventually come down.

  5. Fifty years from now I’d love to think poverty had been stamped out, no more homeless, and no more wars. Maybe mankind will have learned a few lessons? Well, we can dream.
    Personally, I’d love the idea of those travel transporters. Step into a capsule and moments later you’re at your destination. Yay!
    Great post!

  6. With time moving so fast, even with these lock downs, there always seems to be some new thing coming out. I have an Alexa and it’s like having a smart person around. I set the alarm, check the temperature, spelling, and of course Trivia with her. Kennedy (3 years old) and she uses theirs. Strange new world we live in.

  7. I am all for the innovative way to travel you hope for. I hate planes and would love to just be magically transported. I am sure, like you said, the people 20-30 years in the future will be asking their grandparents about crazy 2020. I just hope we all survive it. 🙂 Jillian

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