Fires, Smoke and a little bit of news

It’s been interesting since last month.

The fires in California, Oregon and now in Washington are horrible. I hope everyone stays safe and sound during this early fire season.

The smoke started getting bad in my area yesterday. We hit the unhealthy level, but hopefully it will drop to moderate today or tomorrow.

I’ve been keeping in contact with friends in California and Oregon and so far everyone is fine and away from the fires, although the smoke there is much worse.

My news is this: I’ve adopted two puppies. Yes, I might be a little crazy but I couldn’t see splitting them up. It’s a brother and sister, and while the rescue didn’t consider them a bonded pair they really are. 

The rescue sent me a couple of videos and they play together all the time and follow each other around. They about 4 pounds each, and will grow to be between 10 pounds to 15 pounds. Small but not too small.

The puppies are in Texas at an Equine Rescue. They will arrive in Tacoma on 9/26 so I’ll get them that day. I’m excited. It might be a little crazy around my house for a while, but it will be fun.

Here’s pictures of them. These are from the rescue:

This is Woodstock Too – that’s her name right now, soon to be Tiana

And here is her brother – Tom Selleck – soon to be called Tommy

8 responses to “Fires, Smoke and a little bit of news

  1. OMGosh, they are sooooo adorable. And a happy note in an otherwise ugly day. I almost left the blinds closed, the smoke is so thick.

  2. So Cute. And, they are small enough to have two. Can’t wait to start getting to know them. And, the names are great. So happy for you.

  3. Oh my! They are so cute. Am looking forward to hearing about all the fun you three are going to have. So pleased for you. And more pleased too to know you are safe from those horrible fires. đŸ™‚

  4. Oh my gosh. Just look at those babies! Looking forward to tons of photos in the future.
    Stay safe over there.

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