Social Distancing With A Sense Of Humor

Barbara Crawford published this post in our community newsletter and graciously gave me permission to include it in our Over The Backyard Fence blog.

Thank you, Barbara.


Social Distancing With A Sense Of Humor

by Barbara Crawford, Recycler of Old Jokes

Apart from the obvious choices of alphabetizing your spices, explaining to the dog that you also cannot go out of the house whenever you want, and deciding what outfit to wear to get the mail, or more importantly, to put out the trash, what else is there to do during this time of social distancing and quarantine?

1) Remembering what it was like in the “before times” when you could call up a friend or family member without a thought about what you were wearing. Not now. With the popularity of Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime you have to plan an outfit and do your hair before you go online. Does anyone remember Jane Jetson’s solution? She had a life-size photo of her face attached to a stick showing perfect hair and makeup that she could hold up in front of her face to talk on the video-phone. Now there’s a craft project for you.

2) Talking to neighbors through the fence slats. Remember when that was considered creepy?

3) Thinking that you are losing weight because the jeans that you are wearing for the fourth day in a row, causing them to be comfortably stretched out, are loose.

4) Actually thinking about how much toilet paper you take off the roll when you need to go.

5) Pretending that someone else besides your partner or housemate lives in your house, so there is a person that all in the household can blame for leaving dirty glasses all over the house.

6) Talking to your spouse for hours and wondering who took away your spouse and replaced him (her) with this person.

7) Feeling like you have a whole new wardrobe when you look into your closet after wearing sweats or yoga pants for the last two weeks.

8) Making sure to start up your car once in a while to figure out how many weeks to the gallon you are now getting.

9) When the most exciting thing in your life is getting emails from insurance companies, credit card companies, and you-name-the company telling you how much they understand what you are going through and that they are with you all the way.

10) Making stupid lists because there is time to do so.


Hopefully this will all be a memory soon.

Stay healthy and safe.



9 responses to “Social Distancing With A Sense Of Humor

  1. This is awesome. Thank you, Barbara for writing it and Lavada for sharing it. I especially love the comment about the jeans. That 4th day ALWAYS makes me leap on the scale, only to be disappointed when reality sinks in. Lol a bunch.

  2. Some things to relate to for sure.

  3. Brilliant! Well done to Barbara as it’s oh so true. I daren’t get on the scales and have just ordered a few new clothes – just in case… 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Lavada.

  4. I recently ordered online a couple of tops. I’ve bought from this place before so usually know what size but this time they were oversized. Didn’t think about it until now but I’m wondering if the place is over comping for expected weight gain. Whatever they are extremely comfortable so I’m keeping them.

  5. This is so funny, and true. AJ was just recently telling me how many weeks he’s getting to a gallon, LOL
    And yes, I totally get the whole wardrobe thing. Reckon I wouldn’t fit into most of my ‘other’ clothes now though.

  6. Strange how we adjust to life changes.

  7. Cracked me up..nice article.. I find humor in the rush to buy toilet paper as if that was the cure!

  8. Yes, and now I’m very aware of how much toilet paper I might be using. Never gave it a thought before. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in and contributing to the fence visit, Efrona.

  9. Love it. Thanks for the giggle!! Jillian

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