Hot Weather and the search goes on

Well,  last month I announced the upcoming adoption of Coco – sad news. Coco passed away at the rescue the week I was to get her. No ones’s fault. All we can guess is there was either an undetected heart issue or something genetic. The poor man from the rescue called me in tears when he found her.

So I’m on the puppy hunt, as I call it, once again. With covid it’s really hard to get a puppy, they go so fast, but I’ll get the dog I want when the timing is right. All I can do is keep searching.

Our weather here in the Pacific Northwest heated up, we’ve been in the 80’s with a few days in the 90’s. When we get weather in the 70’s it feels so good. At least I have an air conditioning unit to keep the family room cool.

I had to move my laptop into the family room so I could work. My office gets sun all day long and it was just too warm in there to work.

The writing has been going good. I sent edits back to my editor, and now I’m revising the book I wrote last month. Yep, I did camp NaNo and wrote 51,000 words. I was totally amazed. The book just flowed and worked. Now to go back through and all all the details I missed.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life.

Here’s just a random picture of a cute puppy.

Playful Golden Retriever Puppy

Seven week old golden retriever puppy outdoors on a sunny day.

8 responses to “Hot Weather and the search goes on

  1. I was so sorry to hear about Coco. Searching can be fun you get to see so many pictures of puppies. Keep us posted just the right one for you might be just around the corner

  2. I still feel so sad about little Coco, but I’m glad you are forging on. We’ve backed off on the heat a bit but another heat wave is coming. At least they are not long this summer. Last summer it seemed like weeks of intense heat.

  3. Aw, Marie, so sorry about Coco. Am sure the perfect one for you will come along soon. Know what you mean about the heat! We’ve had exceptionally hot weather the past week in the UK, which has meant little work done as my “office” is in the sun for most of the day and holds the heat at night, so no writing or painting done. Much more comfortable now so am happy back at the keyboard. I expect that’s our summer over now for this year. Good luck with the puppy hunting.

    • Thanks, Kit. We have another heat wave coming, but luckily only for a day or two. I totally understand about the office getting too hot. Mine gets sun all day too, so I have to move to the family room where I have an air conditioning unit to work.

  4. That is so sad about little Coco. I have everything crossed that you’ll find your puppy when the time is right for you.
    That’s great going on the word count, especiallly with the high temps. The heat just frazzles my brain 🙂

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