August. Already the 9th?

Jillian here. Can you believe it’s already August and the 9th at that? It’s weird that some days seem to take forever to pass and yet, before we know it, another week has gone by. Or it could be just me. Funny how time can slow in one respect and quick in another.

July was busy at work—never seems to let up. I have one case driving me a bit over the bend and I’m praying it ends soon. It’s like torture. I want to get in there and try the thing and put it past me, but opposing counsel is in the “paper the other side to death” mode and is relentless. I’m pretty sure I’m going to win the war, but the daily/weekly battles are wearing me down.

Visited with my parents and sister today. We watched an episode of Midsomer Murders  (love that series) and I had to say to them, “This makes me glad we have a nice, boring family with no psychopaths.”

I’ve written three short stories and submitted them for consideration for three anthologies. I like shorts as they are quick and the whole thing can be in my head at once. One of them is set in New Orleans. One is a Krampus story and one is at Halloween. Hoping for good news on one at least.

I had oral surgery 12 days ago and the stitches come out on Wednesday. They are driving me bonkers and my tongue can’t—or won’t—leave them alone. It’s annoying me. 😁

Hope you’re all having a nice summer. It’s hotter than Satan’s front porch here, but that’s pretty normal for us in August and September- our two hottest months of the year.

Now that I’ve whined all over this post, I’ll go have a glass of iced tea and catch y’all later.

Here is Hobbes on International Cat Day (yesterday)— he’s got the right idea. E67B25C7-776D-4900-8FD0-21008FB509DA

7 responses to “August. Already the 9th?

  1. Hobbes! How you doing, cat? Looking pretty cool there. And Jillian, I hope your case goes your way quickly so you can get out from beneath all that paper. Ugh.

    • Hobbes says he’s doing great and he thanks you for asking. As for me and my paper, Yeah, thanks for the good wishes. I hope it’s soon over, too.

  2. Sounds like a torrid time with all that paperwork but hope you win your case. And good luck with the stories. I can’t write shorts so I do admire you for writing them, and working too. No wonder times seems to fly by – you’re always busy! Hobbes is certainly one chilled out dude. Hope you get some chilled out time too to relax. Hot here at moment, hotter than normal but I love it. We’ll be back to thunderstorms and cold before we know it. Have a great month! 🙂

    • It has been torrid and I sometimes think I’m going to be buried alive in paper- Can you actually drown in the stuff? Hobbes is very chill. I think we all need to learn from cats. Too bad I can’t seem to find my inner cat most of the time.

      We usually have afternoon thunderstorms in the summer every day. Not this year. Just hot and still. Enjoy your nice weather while you can!

  3. At least you aren’t getting the hurricanes. And, you no doubt have a/c. We have had a nice summer once it got here. Hobbes had got it right. One lucky cat.

    • We are definitely using and enjoying the a/c  and the ceiling fans. I even turn on the one on the screened porch for Hobbes when he’s out there.  Thank goodness no hurricanes here so far.  We aren’t safe yet as the season goes through October, but hoping for the best.  Hobbes def. had the right idea on the sleeping the day away.  

  4. Hotter than Satan’s front porch. Love it! 🙂
    Hope your mouth is feeling more comfortable now after the surgery. And yes, Midsomer Murders. It’s named after a town a little way from us, although thankful to say the murder count there bears no resemblance. 🙂
    Good luck with the short stories, Jillian.
    *Waves to Hobbes from Vivvy*

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