Grand Dogs Gotta Love Them

524C92ED-30ED-4EFF-9DA6-01C4F02963DAThe kids decided to take Hoss with them when they made this trip. Even though it was hot they drove straight through and once there they have a/c

And Hoss found the joys of a swimming pool. He loves it. No, he isn’t a lab or lab mix. He’s a giant schnauzer. They said as soon as he saw them come downstairs with their swimming suit’s he was ready for his vest.

If one of them didn’t get right out to the pool he’d go between the house and the pool until they were all in it. No leaving anyone out.

Even though they stayed home to be safe they had a trip filled with memory making. This trip was golden.

















8 responses to “Grand Dogs Gotta Love Them

  1. Hoss. What a great name for that dog. He’s acting like a puppy. 🙂 I love that he’s a water dog. 🙂

  2. His full name is Skansen’s Houser Van-Schnauzer. Rick didn’t care what Linda named him as long as they could call him Hoss. He’s huge but a funny happy puppy kind of guy. We all love him to pieces.

  3. He’s lovely, and so suited to his name. Am envious of that swimming pool. 🙂

  4. The vest made a lot of difference for him. There’s only one place he can get out of. Unlike us where we can at least hold to the sides.

  5. I love Hoss! He’s such a character. How fun that he loves all his pack to be in the pool together.

  6. Never thought about in pack terms but that is what it is.

  7. awww, so sweet. Glad he loves the water. I love, love his name. What a cutie! Jillian

  8. I’m going to have him again in September. He’s quite the houseguest

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