Oops- Missed My Day

Jillian here. I had been thinking about what I’d blog about this month and knew the 9th was my day, of course. I got derailed as my paralegal has been out all week waiting for results from her COVID test. She’s not sick, but her son visited a friend in South Carolina a couple of weeks ago and that young man developed the virus. She and her son were tested before the July 4th holiday and have yet to get results due to the holiday delay. I can’t let her back in the office until we know she’s in the clear. So, my week has been crazy busy trying to keep things going with just me and one other staff person.

This morning, I realized it is the 10th. Please forgive my lapse and the lack of much to say today.

Last weekend, I read this book.  It’s fiction, but deals with the Pendle Witch trials in 1612. It’s a good story and the author used some of the real historical figures as the main characters. If you like history, even fictionalized, I recommend it.

9 responses to “Oops- Missed My Day

  1. Oh, no! I hope your paralegal and her son are negative for the virus! And that you get your help back in the office soon. Hang in there. Sounds like a cool story.

    • Thanks,  I hope they are okay, too. Neither has any symptoms so that is good. It’s been a week today since they were tested. I think the lab lost their results. Seems like a long time. 

      • I’m really grateful that you are all being proactive about this, though. That’s what, in my estimation, is going to knock this thing down. So thank you!

      • I agree.  I sure don’t want anyone getting ill because I was irresponsible.  It’s been hard not going anywhere, but worth it to protect folks,  

  2. Yikes. So far I don’t know of anyone that has gotten the virus. I’m hoping it stays that way. I love historical fiction. The story sound good.

    • I’m glad you don’t have anyone you know have it. I have a cousin, uncle and a couple of friends who have had it. Luckily, not too bad for any of them.   It really is an intriguing book.  

  3. Do hope your paralegal’s negative. So worrying for everyone concerned. And you certainly don’t have to apologize for missing date. Thank you for the book recommendation. I’ve been considering this one for a while, tempted to buy it. Trouble is, there is so much on my tbr pile at the moment. Ooops too late, I’ve clicked the button. Zooming to my Kindle now. Take care and do try and find time to relax. Your workload sounds hectic.

  4. Hope things have slowed down a little for you, Jillian. Yikes, another book I want to read. I won’t be able to see over the pile soon 🙂

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