First of all, a belated happy Fourth of July to our U.S. readers. I hope you were able to enjoy a safe and sane day/evening.

This shelter-in-place has been both a struggle and a blessing. Staying home so much has been hard, being someone who likes to travel. We are not going through what some people are, and we’ve tried to help where we could. I know we’re lucky to be able to wait out this virus until they have a way to prevent it. But that doesn’t mean my head and heart aren’t a little screwed up. I have dips into depression that I have to claw my way out of. This hasn’t been easy for any of us and I’ve been trying to journal the process for me, as well as what I see happening in the world.

On the flip side, one of the ways I’ve tried to keep myself positive is finishing things on my to-do list. I wrote about the 30 year crocheted baby blanket a couple months ago. I’ve also designed and made birthday cards for the rest of 2020. I finished an art project – monthly door signs. I’ve been digitizing all our family movies that are on VHS tapes. Sorting through things in closets. Paring down.

I’ve also been completing some series. In books, I finally finished the 20 book Virgin River series by Robyn Carr. (That’s a HIGH recommend from me for any romance readers.) And, more recently, I finished the 22 movies in the Avengers series, from Iron Man (2008) through Endgame (2019). (And yes, I cried.)

I think I’ve had more contact with friends and family than ever before through video chats.

And I’ve learned that I don’t have to be go, go, going all day long. It’s okay to take a break and read for a while. To slow down on my daily walk and “smell the roses,” so to speak.

To laugh with my husband.

So there are a lot of blessings in my life. And if I can’t travel right now, so be it. What I can do is pray for the world. So I’m praying and counting my blessings.

I hope there are many blessings in your life.

Stay safe, stay healthy!


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10 responses to “Blessings

  1. Reblogged this on Laurie Ryan's blog and commented:

    Counting blessings…

  2. Ah, love this positive spin. It isn’t all bad. I think we all predicted we’d see the best and worse with the times and it’s certainly been true. I work at putting the ‘best’ front and center like you do

  3. Love this blog post, Laurie. It’s been an amazing opportunity to ‘smell the roses’ and get off the treadmill for a while. And it’s given us time to realise what are the most important and cherished aspects of our lives. Like you, I’m a Virgin River fan, but haven’t seen any Avengers. Will have to check those out.

    • Thanks, Faye. Yes, we’re all taking some time to evaulate what’s important, aren’t we? I’m not writing near as much as I would. I’m walking away from the computer more and doing other things.

  4. WOW! I am impressed with the amount of reading and movie viewing. Way to go in finding joy in the little things. Glad you had a good Fourth of July! Jillian

  5. Love this post, Laurie. If only everyone could and would stop a moment and smell the roses, stop on a walk and take the earphones out and listen to nature. There’s so much to be thankful for, and you’ve hit it right on the nail. Now.. about this movie fest… 🙂

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