Blooming Lovely…

Having more time during lockdown has meant that I could finally get around to working on the garden and make some headway on the plans I’ve been mulling over for several years now.

20200602_091646Every year, inspired by Kit’s garden, I’ve always planned to get more colour in our garden. But the season passes and I’m still no further on with those plans, blaming lack of time. No excuses this year. As a result, the garden is starting to look more colourful.

I’ve done a lot of digging and replanting to make way for new plants, most of which I’ve been lucky enough to get locally from a man who sells small plants he’s propagated from those in his garden. I’ve also acquired lots of cuttings from neighbours after admiring their plants while walking Vivvy around our village and the local allotment. I’ve always found gardeners to be a generous bunch – always keen to discuss plants, share knowledge, and of course hand over those cuttings!

So, here’s a small selection of the plants I’m especially loving this year. My current favourites are the hydrangeas, anemones, and peonies. I also love cutting a selection of flowers and foliage to bring into the house. My offerings are still a bit meagre, but I’m getting there – and having a whole lot of fun doing so.

And of course when the digging, planting, and tidying is done for the day, a girl just wants to find a shady nook for a well-deserved afternoon nap:


Whatever you’re doing this summer, have fun!


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10 responses to “Blooming Lovely…

  1. Well done! Your flowers are beautiful. I love peonies too. I bought 2 new one 2 years ago, neither of which have flowered yet; they say a peony takes a few years to settle before flowering so I’m not giving up hope. And nor must you. You’re doing a grand job, and yes, it is fun and rewarding. Looking forward to seeing more in the future. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Kit! This peony took a couple of years to flower and the one I bought last year hasn’t done anything yet, so fingers crossed for the future. I’ve fallen in love with gardening so hard; every morning there seems to be something new to see that’s popped up overnight πŸ™‚

      • It’s addictive, it’s time-consuming, at times it’s hard work but it’s oh so worth every minute we can spend out there. Enjoy!

  2. Love what you’re doing. The flowers are beautiful. I especially like peonies and need to get some planted. I redid the raised bed and started over with new soil. I had peonies in there and didn’t think to remove them before the guy took everything out. 😦

    I like bring cut flowers in too and is one of the reasons I have roses. Like Kit I’m looking forward seeing your garden grow.

    • Thanks, Lavada. That’s a shame about your peony plant. In the past, I’ve shied away from cutting flowers to bring inside, always preferring them in their natural habitat. But this year, probably because I’ve got loads more than usual, I’ve taken the plunge and am loving bringing the blooms inside.

  3. What beautiful plants and flowers, Faye! Well done! I love peonies and have made a note of Kit’s comment that they don’t always bloom right away. We redid a planter and had to move a peony bush, then replant it, separating it into two as we did so. I’ll be hoping they bloom next year. Hi to Miss Vivvy! She does look tuckered. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Laurie. We all seem to love our peonies. I never thought about separating the plant into two. That’s a good idea. Maybe this time next year, we’ll all have a great show of peonies for our blogs!

  4. such lovely flowers and I adore the milk jug type pitcher and that arrangement. Gorgeous. Happy Summer and yep, a nice nap in the shade sounds divine. Go Vivvy! Jillian

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