Spring Into Summer

Picture1Spring is over but many of the trees are in full bloom. This one is amazing. The gal that does my hair has them lining the front of her house. The blooms are as big as my hand.  She said they are a Chinese Dogwood. Pictures, even the ones online don’t do them justice.

My yard isn’t big enough for them but my daughter just bought a house last fall and has a perfect place for one. So – – – with rain taking a breather, we decided to run up to the Brothers Greenhouse. You might remember the blog Laurie posted last November with pictures of thehobbit house.   By the way, if you happen to be in this area I would recommend a visit to them. The house wasn’t open but I’m sure it was because of the virus and that won’t be a problem forever.

We asked about the dogwood tree and found out they call it a Cornus kousa and they had three though they were really small. In the mean time we saw another tree that was in full bloom and almost 3 times the size. Umm, a Japanese Snowbell tree.  I really liked it, and of course being in bloom made it a great house warming gift. The guy helped us get it in the car, not real easy, and we discovered it had a beautiful scent.   Again, the picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice.


The kids were at Kris’s when we took a detour home so we could drop the tree off so they even planted it for her and it is in a perfect place in her yard. Like me, she loves it.

Spring has been cooler and wetter this year but the flowers are loving it and next weeks forecast is for sunshine.  A great time to live in the Pacific Northwest.






13 responses to “Spring Into Summer

  1. This is the best part of this time of year, getting to plant and scent the air with beautiful smells. I loved Brothers Nursery and need to get back over there. They also have a lot of fairy house items for sale. That’s a little dangerous for me as I like to build tiny hobbit villages. 🙂 Glad you had fun.

  2. I noticed the fairy items. Their gift shop is amazing with special gifts. It’s a ways up the road for us but worth the trip. I no doubt with do future trips. Thank you for introducing it to us.

  3. Beautiful trees, both. Just wish I had space in my garden for a tree but its awkward shape denies the practicality. A house several gardens away from me has a huge tree with massive flowers but neither I nor they know what it is. Am determined to find out one day, out of curiosity if nothing else. I wanted a fairy house at the bottom of my garden but his lordship says no, so I just have to pretend. 🙂

    • Both the trees would get too big for my yard too. But my daughter is happy with getting them. You would love the hobbit houses at this nursery. They have all sizes in their gift shop. Laurie posted some pictures on the blog she posted.

      I can ‘like’ too so it must be something on your end.

  4. Out of curiosity, suddenly I am unable to like any blog posts, either here or on other sites. Is it just me or is anyone else having the same problem?

  5. Oh, wow, they are fabulous trees! We have a small tree in the back garden but no idea what kind it is. The birds had a hand in planting it a few years ago and luckily they chose a perfect place right in front of the view from my kitchen window 🙂

  6. Kit, good going on getting the ‘like’ fixed. Technology can be so frustrating.

  7. Gorgeous. Such loveliness. I hadn’t seen the Chinese dogwood before. Totally different from the dogwoods I am used to. I’d love to have one of these. Jillian

  8. Your lucky to have the room. They grow to big for here.

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