Pushing A Little Harder

So here we are, another month zooming by and we’re halfway through the year already with Midsummer’s Day upon us this weekend. And what a strange year so far it’s been but at least we are slowly returning to normality, or should I say most of the world is. For Dave and me, life has gone on pretty much the same as normal and we’ve enjoyed ourselves. Both in the garden enjoying the glorious weather the UK has experienced the last few months, and indoors, with the TV turned off most times as we’ve listened to music, played computer games, chatted, shopped a lot online, and generally doing not a lot. The planned editing and rewriting work necessary on my latest novel has come to a standstill. Not for any particular reason but I think most of us have during these peculiar times, lost the impetus and mojo. Mine’s slowly returning. Slowly being the operative word.

Instead, I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting and pushing myself out of my comfort zone with my art. For my birthday back in April, Dave treated me to some watercolour pencils. I don’t do watercolours, so this was a big step away from the normal. I’m still practising with them and as yet do not have anything I’m willing to show anyone but one day…

Spring brought forth such beautiful flowers this year and as you know, I love flowers, so I thought I’d paint something different from the usual bluebell scenes, painting lilacs instead after having picked a few sprigs whilst out walking and seeing many photos in magazines and online.

For this work, I painted a different way, one I’d only tried once before, that is painting in most part with cottonbuds instead of a brush. It’s a simple technique – use 1 or more cottonbuds secured together with an elastic band and dab on the canvas. I think it worked well and will certainly be using them again. Apparently, it’s a great fun way for children to paint too.

With my next painting, I pushed myself even further. I am not good at painting or drawing people but often felt my landscapes would benefit from the inclusion of figures. But oh dear! This has often led to the ruination of good work. Then last week, I saw a few photos of the new little lady in our family – little George’s (who’s not so little now) new sister enjoying a day out with her mother at one of the UK’s lovely horticultural gardens.

One photo in particular caught my eye, and because you couldn’t see Daisy’s face, I thought it a good starting point. Also, as she wasn’t fully in the frame, I had to work at drawing the missing part of her figure. I’ve included the original photograph as well as the result of my efforts and hope I have captured her as best I could for the moment.

It worked out well, although the freehand drawing of her I did as practice before committing to canvas was actually better than the one put down using the grid method. Perhaps I’m not so bad as I think! Regardless, I still need to practice my people painting skills, perhaps one day even venturing as far as doing a portrait. Watch this space… but don’t hold your breath.

See you next month, when I hope to bring you an update with news on how little George is progressing. Meanwhile, stay safe, stay happy and enjoy life.

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10 responses to “Pushing A Little Harder

  1. Oh, Kit, you’re paintings are so amazing. That is a huge talent, being able to paint snapshots of life. I love your bluebells, and these lilacs are astounding! When I look at the painting of George’s new sister, I see a perfect recreation of a happy moment. Just like the others, It’s beautiful! The girl, the daisies, the depth. Wow.

  2. Your art makes me happy. I actually like the painting more than the photo. For one thing more daisy’s. The lilacs I think are my favorite of all of them. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

    • Thank you, Lavada. Really appreciate your lovely comment and it makes it so worthwhile when a painting makes someone else happy and not just me. Such a shame lockdown has meant this year’s exhibition had to be cancelled but at least have a few decent paintings ready for next year’s. 🙂

  3. I never stop marveling at your skill, Kit! And really admire the way you keep pushing yourself with both your art and your writing. You know how much I love the lilacs – that’s a fun way of painting with the cotton buds – and I think you did an amazing job with Daisy. I can’t wait to see what you do with portraiture. Knowing you it will be fab!!

  4. WOW! So impressive. You definitely have a wonderful talent. Such beautiful work both on the flower and the girl. I love it when you share your work with us. And good for you for getting some mojo back- Jillian

    • Thanks, Jillian. The flowers I find easy, but painting Daisy was a challenge. Felt so good when she recognised herself in the painting so I must be doing something right. And yes, the mojo has well and truly returned. 🙂

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