Where is summer?

I’m not trying to rush summer or anything. I don’t mind the cooler weather, but I admit I am getting a little sick of the rain. I’m looking forward to a little sunshine.

Not much has changed in my little household over the past month. I’m slowly getting edits done on my book and then I can get to writing the next one.

My family that lives in CA have been sending me graduation pictures of their kids, showing what they did to celebrate since there was no actually graduations. It’s great to see the pictures and how grown up the kids are getting.

I’ve had a visitor to my back yard. This little guy showed up a week ago. He comes in about every other day. At first I though it was someone’s pet that had gotten out, but nope, we have wild rabbits here. After I found that out, I let the poor guy alone so I don’t scare him.

He’ll (I’m calling it a him) munch on my weeds, and the other day was so comfortable he started cleaning himself. He’s a cutie.

Everyone stay safe and have a great rest of the month.

My visitor:

bunny 4

5 responses to “Where is summer?

  1. Eating weeds is good.

  2. Ah, he’s adorable. And graduation is in the air. We are a resilient people, aren’t we? Everyone is finding ways to celebrate all the graduates. I like seeing that. And don’t worry. Summer will come and we’ll (or I’ll) be tired of it soon enough. For now, I do love the sunny days.

  3. Spring has been slow going this year though yesterday was an unexpected break. We have rabbits here and they love ‘some’ of the flowers. I need to get out and put some repellent out. But I do love seeing them just wish they didn’t eat so much.

  4. Summer weather is hot here in the UK at the moment. I love it but today’s just a wee bit too warm to be outside so shall wait until this evening. Love your bunny, he’s adorable. But then again, I’m bunny mad. And eating weeds is good. Hope the sunshine has come your way now. 🙂

  5. I love your little cutie bunny. He’s adorable, and useful too, considering he’s making short work of your weeds! How I’d love to find some wild rabbits or squirrels in our garden. The closest we’ve come is the hedgehogs who seem to love us 🙂

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